Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 20, 2016 – BEcome Purposeful

So no photos this week. The computers were stubborn and wouldn't let them through. However, here is her first letter!

Hi Family and Friends!

The pictures are sporadic because these computers do not like pictures. Some are with my companion, Sister Huntington! She is from Spanish Fork. She is going to my same mission. She is perfect for me. She likes to talk less than I do and she laughs at all my jokes haha (: She is always taking care of me and keeping me on track! The branch President asked us to be the training leader for our zone and it has been such a blast! Being a leader has been a good experience for me.

So Fun things and tender mercies:

We got chick fil a! I was so happy.
Your package saved my life dad and mom!
And the dear elders (daily letters) are saving my life.
I met a sister named sister Essig who came a week before me. She is going to USU when she gets back! We became instant friends!
We got to go on a walk to the temple Sunday and to the temple today! It was so fun! (no mom, no investigators come to church here, but we did have a very spiritual day! )
My zone loves to play volleyball, and because of my brace I can. It has been a blessing for relieving any normal amounts of homesickness or stress.

The MTC is awesome! The food is not.

This is the email I sent to my branch president:

My MTC experience is grand! I love getting the proper preparation and soaking in all of the advice because I know once I hit the field, I will hit it running full speed! I can't wait to get off that plane, look my mission president in the eye, and tell him that I am ready and prepared for the work. There is a spirit here that is just incredible. I wonder if this is what it felt like in heaven, but everywhere. The spirit in the MTC is the spirit I will strive to have in my home on my mission, room in college, and when I get married it will be the spirit that is felt in my home. At least that is my goal (:

I am not convinced at all that computers generate our teachers, companions, districts, branches, or the sisters we live with. I have needed each one of these to help me through my first week!

Thank you for stressing the importance of righteousness.

I miss home, but I know the harder I work here the more that part of my life will be blessed. So whenever I think of home, it helps me to work harder. The Lord is incredible like that!

So my theme for my mission is become. This week I want to focus on becoming purposeful. The last 7 days of my life has been focused all on the purpose of being a missionary. I realized it does not matter why I came, but why I stay. There are many reasons for staying. Your support is one of them. Thank you for never trying to strip me of this opportunity and supporting me all the way! I love you all. The reason I stay is because this mission is about turning people to Christ. I get to spend 18 months of my life changing other people’s lives through Jesus Christ. I don't have to work; I don't have go to school...I JUST GET TO SERVE! It is fantastic. My challenge to everyone: Find a purpose. Write it down and work on it! Why do you wake up? Why are you motivated to do your best? I promise, and I can testify that finding a purpose for your day, the workout you do or the class you go to will become more productive and worthwhile.

Well, I have to go! One of my sisters just realized her recommend is in the washer...hahahha (: I love everything about being a missionary!

Your Friend, Sister Campbell (:
Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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