Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 15, 2016 - I SEE GODS HAND (:

Family and Friends!

Update: It is still hot and humid here(: We get "it isn't normally like this" every day. Haha, they joys of coming on my mission the 17th year when the bugs come out and now this! I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I studied the scriptures that I was sent last week. They are in 1 Timothy 4 Where Christ invites us to think about and apply the doctrine we study. I have been trying do that more. The more I live the principles of the gospel, the more I realize who I am living them for and why. Which really, has been the theme of my mission lately. I feel that in the past 6 weeks I have grown more than ever and it was because I decided to have more faith in Jesus Christ. Just in everything I have felt a stronger desire to trust my Savior.

Sister Tippetts and I have been working our tails off. When we stay in the area we don’t waste travel time and we just get to WORK. So, funny story. We went to try someone we used to teach in the area of a member we visit often. He wasn’t home, but his mom gave us three referrals on that same street. Later that week we were out with a member. Right before we hopped out of the car I was reminded to ALWAYS ask for referrals. I turned back around and asked the member who she knew that we could go see. She said she actually did have someone in mind. We called the next morning, got the name and address and it was in the same area. We went and started teaching her! We called to follow up and right at the end of the phone call I got the impression to ask her who else she had in mind. Guess what! SHE HAD ANOTHER PERSON ON HER MIND and they were in the same area. So we went to go contact her. She wasn’t interested, but because we were in the area we stopped to talk to a man and got two more referrals. We have yet to “tract” but we have sure “worked the area”! I find joy in being obedient and a lot of humor in it as well. Sometimes God's blessings come faster than we can process them all!

I have prayed and studied so much lately to become a master teacher of the restoration of the gospel (usually the first message we share). Well, in the past two weeks we found a SOLID family again and then a member brought a friend to us that we got to teach, both of which we found out were out of our area so they are being taught by other missionaries. Haha, I told Sister Tippetts that maybe I should keep in mind how specific I make my prayers! She told me she is going to start praying to be a master teacher of the lessons we teach to new members(;

Despite having to hand those two miracles off, we got a phone call from a man in Washington State getting ready to move here. We instantly shared the first vision and the only thing he could say (as he was crying tears of joy) was WOW! THATS AMAZING. He has been searching for more truth and felt so good when he found it! This gospel is true! He can't wait to be baptized and be given the gift of the holy ghost! He prayed with us for the first time (all of his lessons have been on the phone) and in his prayer he told God that he "was so excited to become a part of his true church". Lately I have been praying with so much faith that we would find people and we have worked so hard! “Have the faith to baptize and remember that without the faith to find, you may never have the opportunity to baptize. Sometimes with that faith, the Lord simply puts them in your path and they find you.” –Just YES. This is what our mission President said to us in his email. I feel like I have seen God’s hand more than ever in this work! This past transfer I have grown leaps and bounds. I decided it was time to give it everything I could and have some faith. I have realized that most of the time I have a problem, it isn’t them, it’s something I could do better. The phrase, "it's not you, it's me" has really come to life!  I feel like I am figuring this work out more and more and they key really is FAITH that leads to action. That is it. The most basic principle.

Because we talked to everyone, we found a lonnng lost member and started teaching her son. He didn’t come to church yesterday (we will get there!) but SHE did! And the speaker spoke on exactly what she wanted to learn more about. God knows his children!
The other night we were leaving the apartment complex to this member. We walked where all of the people were. We said hi to this woman, went and talked to a family we are teaching, and when we came back down, she was still outside. We said hi again. It was almost time to go home for the night. Sister Tippetts got back in the car. As I was getting ready to back her, I just couldn't stand that we didn't talk to the lady more. I went up, told her how I was feeling and she proceeded to get out of the car. We went and talked to her and SHE TOTALLY NEEDED IT. Then, we went back the next night and she invited her boyfriend to listen to us too. Turns out, she has three kids and they are really needing a better life. As we taught them about the gospel last night, you could see their love for each other grow! It was cool. I love that they both "had been" to church, but that the gospel we were teaching wasn't anything they had heard. They didn't know much about what actually went into Jesus suffering for them and they REALLY didn't know about how we can have the opportunity to be sealed together as a family! I love watching people’s desire to follow God's commandments grow as we teach them about the blessings!

Well, there is no challenge in the title because I hope that my testimony is enough to invite you to pray with more faith! GOD IS REAL. HE KNOWS YOU!

I love you(:

Sister Campbell

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

Haha! I love what some things are called over here. For instance: Semi trucks. 

LOOK AT THIS THING! It was huge. I almost stepped on it this morning when I was taking the trash out. Bahaha.

Haha, we practice teaching through role plays. I looked over and she had created a friend to teach and named him. 

Our District.

DID I MENTION DESERT? Hahaha we accumulated this and then were fed chocolate cake at dinner. Hey, at least it is all chocolate(:
Please notice that our beds are still in the living room (: 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 8, 2016 - BEcome More Tender, Trips to Charleston

HI family and friends!

So, this email is going to be fairly short, but not really. I always say that and then I write a novel. Just too much good stuff.
Transfers: Aug 25. The chances of me staying are very high. Sister Tippetts spent three months training here and then got me, so she will probably be leaving:( But I am up in the air on what is happening. I just can't make a guess. Haha.

It was a quick week. We taught, and taught, and taught some more. We started teaching this Jr. in high school! He is so cool and when we told him about being able to use power from God to serve those around him he just couldn't stop smiling. He loves to help people.

So, I am loving Teays Valley. We are focusing on establishing SOLID member friends for the people we are teaching. As we have prayed fervently and worked to find them, the Lord has provided. We had a member yesterday come up and say, "Sisters! Tina has been on my mind all week. Are we still going on Tuesday? Can you let me know what we will be teaching? I just feel such a strong connection to her." Then earlier today she texted and told us she is baking bread and bringing dinner for her tomorrow when we go over to teach. Seriously. Missionary work is the best. I have thought so much this week about how essential the gospel we teach is. It isn't just a nice message that enhances lives. It is a necessary message that SAVES lives. I have taught with more enthusiasm this week.

I wish I could keep up with how much I am learning, but I can't. I will share this. I went on an exchange with another Sister this week to the motherland (aka Charleston). Her name is Sister Keller and we instantly got along. I love her. Any who, she taught me much. The one thing I have been focusing on is being tender. Christ is a perfect example of just being so gentle with others. It was a blessing to be with her and learn about this trait because she is so tender!  I am seeing such greater success in the lives of those I am teaching as I become better and more tender. My challenge to you this week is to BEcome more tender. I know it can benefit all walks of life. oh, study it too! Good stuff.

We went to help with more of the flood victims. MY HEART BREAKS for these humble, faithful people who just always seem to find the good.

These are the Scotts. She is the nurse from the mission. We rode with them to serve. The one thing I am never short of here is extra family. HAHAHA we taught them how to take a selfie. 

We go to take a selfie. Elder Scott: "I don't think you'll be able to get all our heads in there." We show them the picture. Elder Scott: "Woah that's pretty neat. Hey let's take one with mine!"

He proceeds to fumble with his phone to take a selfie on his. Hahaha.

The Scott's are our favorite humans in the world. <3
My favorite thing Elder Scott told me: "You know what coincidences are right? Just the Lord being anonymous." 

Sister Tippetts tells me Saturday night: I am allowing 0 panics tomorrow. Then, all day, she was blessed because of her faith! I know God lives. I know that he works miracles if we only but believe he can work them. 

I am entirely grateful to be out here with him serving his children! 

Life is better than just good (:

Love, Sister Campbell  

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

I found this the other day and couldn't not send it. BAHAHA. I love her. And I loved watching Bible videos with her.

Sister Lee in our study room (:

The Morgantown Sistas! 

Our Sister Training Leaders. LOVE THEM. 

WHEN MOM SENDS YOU A  LETTER and you are reading it for the 5th time at breakfast.

I FINALLY took a good picture. Here we are.

Apparently it is a thing to put stickers on the back of your name tag so kids can see them. Well, I decided to go WV style. HAHA. This place. I grow more and more in love every day.

So, Teays Valley isn't much of a place for any big sight-seeing. We did decide to go to this cute little store today. I love how quiet this place is. It is so peaceful!

 Exchanges with sweet Sister Keller.

Friday, August 5, 2016

August 1, 2016 - BEcome a Pleader With the Lord in Your Trials

SO FAMILY AND FRIENDS! I love you. and I love my mission. I look back each week and sometimes I don't even recognize myself. (internally. I don't eat THAT much chocolate) I remember a day in the MTC where I had a breakdown, YUP. And I wondered if I could do it! There were so many guildlines to follow and I just felt I couldn't be myself. My MTC teacher (a miracle to me from God) calmed my fears and helped me remember that the Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect right now and that the things he asks of us are for our benefit. I LOVE COMMANDMENTS and each invitation the Lord gives us to elevate ourselves.

This week was incredible! My email from last week must not have been as positive as I was feeling, but rest assured, I found the good in it all!  I shared with my mission President that I know that if I am obedient and I love the people that it will come(: Friends is a byproduct, but that also has a promise in it! If we teach them the gospel, love them, and are obedient in doing so….we WILL be friends (: --I saw this come true! WE saw so many miracles and I am feeling MUCH more welcomes.

We have had trails and miracles. It has been a week of pure opposition. So the trials: Sister Tippets has struggled much with talking to strangers (normal) and in missionary work, it is hard to avoid. Especially when you have a comp. who talked with anyone and everyone even from the time she was 5..haha me. Oh have I learned to balance, slow down, love, and pray for understanding. THIS SISTER IS A BEAST. Although it has been incredibly hard for her, she has not quit and has pleaded for strength. Which she has received. She said to me one morning: I pray each day to not feel terrible while I am talking to one person! The Lord has blessed her to feel peace as she talks with strangers. She says to me one morning: "I can't wait to meet my tender mercy today!" She is an example to me and hopefully you that the Lord asks us to do hard things, BUT WE CAN DO THEM. I just keep thinking of how there is always a way provided to accomplish what God asks each of us individually! My challenge to you this week is to BEcome a pleader with the Lord in your trials.

My fav miracle! WE MET A FAMILY. And we did it completely through the spirit. The best part, we have been able to teach them and even though they made sacrifices to come, THEY CAME TO CHURCH. Only to find out they know half the ward. God knows his children, and if we ask, he really does lead us to the ones prepared to hear the gospel! Pray for The Cooneys please(:

I received this little update from Sister Lee on my family that I was able to meet just before I left Morgantown. 

"On Sunday, we went with Sister Tippets to Sister Hill's house to pick
up all the family for church. Sister Hill had a rough night because
one of the boys had been up sick. She was a little distraught but this
wonderful member just started helping her with the boys. Sister
Tippets offered to take the two oldest boys and the baby to church
with her. The mother was exhausted and accepted the invitation for
help. While at church, I watched in awe as the ward took care of these
three boys. I cannot tell you how many people came up to us and
offered to help Sister Hill with anything she needs. They offered to
babysit, clean her house, and fix her car. My heart was full of love
and gratitude for this charitable ward family. The boys loved primary
and learned about, "2,000 warrior guys..." and "a giant castle looking
thing." They were so excited to tell their mom all about the things
they learned at church. Oh how I love my calling. :)

This is so wonderful and makes me so happy!

Well, in a year I will be talking to you face to face! My mission is flying by! As it should. Time flies when you are having fun (: Actually, it flies anyways! WE might as well have fun!

Love always, Sister Campbell (:

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

July 25, 2016 - BEcome a Pioneer

Hi friends and family!

Has your week been as hot as mine? Probably not. It sure is warm here! But hey, The Lords work never ceases (:

Speaking of hot, our AC unit is much of nothing and covers a radius of about 5 feet. Rather than complaining, we just made our living room into a bedroom. We call it our "Hometel"  Haha a mission, on top of all else, has taught me to be self-reliant before complaining to someone else. Thank goodness, right dad? (;

So! My first full week in Teay's Valley was great! I have had a hard time not comparing it to my first area. The work here really does have a whole different set of challenges and strengths. We don't have an abundance of people to teach yet, but we are getting there! We find and find and find some more. (: While I have felt a lot of love for the area, I have not been given the warmest welcome in the world. The last Sister and I were very different (okay, polar opposites) and those we are teaching aren't taking the change well. But! The members have been a saving grace and I have learned to not give up, to do my best and improve my weaknesses. It has gotten better over time(:  
This week in church a sister in the ward (Sister Heywood) gave a talk on the principle of pioneering. She taught us that each one of us should BEcome a pioneer in our own lives. 1. Pioneers know their history and have faith in it. They look to the past and cultivate respect and honor for those who have gone before them and marked the path. (Christ marked our path and we can always look back and strive to increase our faith in his atoning sacrifice)
2. They journey together while marking their own path.
"People survive alone, but they don't establish frontiers alone."  When we see the value in others and strive to develop value in ourselves, we become more willing to serve and work with them. We look around to see Christ in our self and others. Then, at the same time, we strive to walk without comparison on a very personal journey with God! Think about how different every pioneer’s journey was, even if they were on the same trek as others. YOU AND GOD IN A WILDERNESS OF YOUR OWN. That is what God asks each of his children to do (Ether 2:5). This demands faith in every footstep for us.

So, why I am sharing this: I feel like I am in a wilderness of my own right now haha. One that is unfamiliar to all except Christ. I have not had a moment go by where I don't feel alone in what I am doing even though there are people all around me. This feeling has given me the opportunity to really have faith in Christ.  I get to the point I do not have faith that I will see him in every part of my life, but I just have started to expect him! The experiences I have out here continue to aid my strive to confirm my assurance and trust in my savior. I know THIS IS HIS CHURCH AND HIS WORK. I LOVE HIM and I trust him.

I know that pioneering really is a gospel principle. We are all on a journey and we have been asked to push through with faith! Can we pioneer a little more? Work a little harder? Or pray with more faith?

We saw miracles in having the faith to find those really ready to hear our message and to not spend so much time with those who aren't. Sister Tippets doesn't enjoying just talking to every stranger she sees and it is harder for her. I am in awe at how well she just does it anyways. One night I got a prompting to go work an area we haven't been very much. It wasn't easy for her, but she was willing and faithful. THE SECOND house that we tried was the cutest little family. The mom just could not get enough. At everything we taught she just dropped her jaw and said, "no way? That is so cool! I didn't know that!". They were both prepared and open to hearing more.


Jesus loves you and knows you by name (:

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

Sister Campbell and Sister Tippets, hot and sweaty, but happy serving the Lord!