Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 8, 2016 - BEcome More Tender, Trips to Charleston

HI family and friends!

So, this email is going to be fairly short, but not really. I always say that and then I write a novel. Just too much good stuff.
Transfers: Aug 25. The chances of me staying are very high. Sister Tippetts spent three months training here and then got me, so she will probably be leaving:( But I am up in the air on what is happening. I just can't make a guess. Haha.

It was a quick week. We taught, and taught, and taught some more. We started teaching this Jr. in high school! He is so cool and when we told him about being able to use power from God to serve those around him he just couldn't stop smiling. He loves to help people.

So, I am loving Teays Valley. We are focusing on establishing SOLID member friends for the people we are teaching. As we have prayed fervently and worked to find them, the Lord has provided. We had a member yesterday come up and say, "Sisters! Tina has been on my mind all week. Are we still going on Tuesday? Can you let me know what we will be teaching? I just feel such a strong connection to her." Then earlier today she texted and told us she is baking bread and bringing dinner for her tomorrow when we go over to teach. Seriously. Missionary work is the best. I have thought so much this week about how essential the gospel we teach is. It isn't just a nice message that enhances lives. It is a necessary message that SAVES lives. I have taught with more enthusiasm this week.

I wish I could keep up with how much I am learning, but I can't. I will share this. I went on an exchange with another Sister this week to the motherland (aka Charleston). Her name is Sister Keller and we instantly got along. I love her. Any who, she taught me much. The one thing I have been focusing on is being tender. Christ is a perfect example of just being so gentle with others. It was a blessing to be with her and learn about this trait because she is so tender!  I am seeing such greater success in the lives of those I am teaching as I become better and more tender. My challenge to you this week is to BEcome more tender. I know it can benefit all walks of life. oh, study it too! Good stuff.

We went to help with more of the flood victims. MY HEART BREAKS for these humble, faithful people who just always seem to find the good.

These are the Scotts. She is the nurse from the mission. We rode with them to serve. The one thing I am never short of here is extra family. HAHAHA we taught them how to take a selfie. 

We go to take a selfie. Elder Scott: "I don't think you'll be able to get all our heads in there." We show them the picture. Elder Scott: "Woah that's pretty neat. Hey let's take one with mine!"

He proceeds to fumble with his phone to take a selfie on his. Hahaha.

The Scott's are our favorite humans in the world. <3
My favorite thing Elder Scott told me: "You know what coincidences are right? Just the Lord being anonymous." 

Sister Tippetts tells me Saturday night: I am allowing 0 panics tomorrow. Then, all day, she was blessed because of her faith! I know God lives. I know that he works miracles if we only but believe he can work them. 

I am entirely grateful to be out here with him serving his children! 

Life is better than just good (:

Love, Sister Campbell  

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

I found this the other day and couldn't not send it. BAHAHA. I love her. And I loved watching Bible videos with her.

Sister Lee in our study room (:

The Morgantown Sistas! 

Our Sister Training Leaders. LOVE THEM. 

WHEN MOM SENDS YOU A  LETTER and you are reading it for the 5th time at breakfast.

I FINALLY took a good picture. Here we are.

Apparently it is a thing to put stickers on the back of your name tag so kids can see them. Well, I decided to go WV style. HAHA. This place. I grow more and more in love every day.

So, Teays Valley isn't much of a place for any big sight-seeing. We did decide to go to this cute little store today. I love how quiet this place is. It is so peaceful!

 Exchanges with sweet Sister Keller.

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