Friday, August 5, 2016

August 1, 2016 - BEcome a Pleader With the Lord in Your Trials

SO FAMILY AND FRIENDS! I love you. and I love my mission. I look back each week and sometimes I don't even recognize myself. (internally. I don't eat THAT much chocolate) I remember a day in the MTC where I had a breakdown, YUP. And I wondered if I could do it! There were so many guildlines to follow and I just felt I couldn't be myself. My MTC teacher (a miracle to me from God) calmed my fears and helped me remember that the Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect right now and that the things he asks of us are for our benefit. I LOVE COMMANDMENTS and each invitation the Lord gives us to elevate ourselves.

This week was incredible! My email from last week must not have been as positive as I was feeling, but rest assured, I found the good in it all!  I shared with my mission President that I know that if I am obedient and I love the people that it will come(: Friends is a byproduct, but that also has a promise in it! If we teach them the gospel, love them, and are obedient in doing so….we WILL be friends (: --I saw this come true! WE saw so many miracles and I am feeling MUCH more welcomes.

We have had trails and miracles. It has been a week of pure opposition. So the trials: Sister Tippets has struggled much with talking to strangers (normal) and in missionary work, it is hard to avoid. Especially when you have a comp. who talked with anyone and everyone even from the time she was 5..haha me. Oh have I learned to balance, slow down, love, and pray for understanding. THIS SISTER IS A BEAST. Although it has been incredibly hard for her, she has not quit and has pleaded for strength. Which she has received. She said to me one morning: I pray each day to not feel terrible while I am talking to one person! The Lord has blessed her to feel peace as she talks with strangers. She says to me one morning: "I can't wait to meet my tender mercy today!" She is an example to me and hopefully you that the Lord asks us to do hard things, BUT WE CAN DO THEM. I just keep thinking of how there is always a way provided to accomplish what God asks each of us individually! My challenge to you this week is to BEcome a pleader with the Lord in your trials.

My fav miracle! WE MET A FAMILY. And we did it completely through the spirit. The best part, we have been able to teach them and even though they made sacrifices to come, THEY CAME TO CHURCH. Only to find out they know half the ward. God knows his children, and if we ask, he really does lead us to the ones prepared to hear the gospel! Pray for The Cooneys please(:

I received this little update from Sister Lee on my family that I was able to meet just before I left Morgantown. 

"On Sunday, we went with Sister Tippets to Sister Hill's house to pick
up all the family for church. Sister Hill had a rough night because
one of the boys had been up sick. She was a little distraught but this
wonderful member just started helping her with the boys. Sister
Tippets offered to take the two oldest boys and the baby to church
with her. The mother was exhausted and accepted the invitation for
help. While at church, I watched in awe as the ward took care of these
three boys. I cannot tell you how many people came up to us and
offered to help Sister Hill with anything she needs. They offered to
babysit, clean her house, and fix her car. My heart was full of love
and gratitude for this charitable ward family. The boys loved primary
and learned about, "2,000 warrior guys..." and "a giant castle looking
thing." They were so excited to tell their mom all about the things
they learned at church. Oh how I love my calling. :)

This is so wonderful and makes me so happy!

Well, in a year I will be talking to you face to face! My mission is flying by! As it should. Time flies when you are having fun (: Actually, it flies anyways! WE might as well have fun!

Love always, Sister Campbell (:

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

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