Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 8, 2017 – There is One Path That is Right for Everyone - This Path is God's Plan of Salvation (:

My favorites, 

Oh, do I have stuff to tell you. In missionary life, 4 days of experience is like 100 days of experience. I'm telling ya. My hand cramps all the time because the journal writing goes on and on and on. Good news is, there will never be a short supply of stories and experiences (: Speaking of stories and experiences we had lots. This entire week was all about people telling us that there were "many paths one God". My testimony grew that it is REALLY important to read the scriptures, because that is not what Jesus Christ taught. I know that God created a plan and that plan is centered on his Son, Jesus Christ. 

So, on a real note. I TOATLLY forgot to write a weekly email. My B. Here is Sister Wevers take on the week (she let me borrow this) 

So, on Saturday evening, it was around 8 pm, the last hour in which we proselytize, we decided to start off by trying this former investigator, and see if we could potentially start teaching them again. Before we even make it to their house I trip and fall on the ground, and scratch up my knee for probably the first time in my mission (that is a blessing). We then go and try this former, and he wasn't interested, a normal occurrence as a missionary, but what made this experience unique was the fact that he started trying to have an argument with us about Marijuana, and trying to support his argument that Marijuana is basically a gift from God, and that there is a scripture about how God created herbs for the use of man, and that everyone who says Marijuana is bad is a liar, that it can cure cancer, etc. We both decided that there was better uses of our time, but it was just the most ridiculous thing. We then go to try a potential investigator and we go up to the door to knock on it, and they have these huge windows and of course we accidentally end up seeing them making out, and so now I'm traumatized for life. To end off that night, we also ended up meeting our mission president's wife's hair dresser, so small world.  

Then yesterday we had a lesson with one of our investigators, a twelve year old boy who is the son of a less active man we found, and we were teaching the law of fasting. We teach it and we asked the member who was with us about how fasting has blessed her life, so she tells her story, and a little background information in the situation is that the dad and son we are teaching have these two roommates who are not interested in learning about the Gospel at all, and have never participated in our discussions before. One of the roommates was there playing video games and after the member shared her experience, he starts saying all this stuff about how fasting is a higher level thing, and that you have to be really careful about what you fast about because things can happen and how it opens your "third eye". Overall it just randomly turned into this thing in which he told us he believes in magic, and that he casts spells, and he even started to say some inappropriate things, in front of two twelve year old boys.... so yep that was just interesting to say the least. 

Kid you not-funniest week EVER. This week I learned that the book of Mormon is FOR ME AND MY LIFE. The people are just like me. They have problems JUST LIKE MINE. I love it(: 

Y'all be good(: Remember I love you! Happy Mother’s Day. 

Still love my calling(: 

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

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