Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 15, 2017 – BEcome a Blessing to Those at Church

My favorites! 

How are ya?? 
Happy Late Mother’s Day! Mine was great(: I got to see a lot of my favorite women. So bless(: 

Well, this week we saw lots of cool miracles with helping people come to church! WE also were in church Sunday and saw three new girls. We went up and talked with them (back story, recently on my mission I have learned to BE a blessing to those at church. This means that you sit by someone and you genuinely talk with them and listen to them and be a friend to them. Doesn't matter who it is. I have loved this idea and I try to sit next to different people all the time. Sometimes it really messes with peoples’ heads because normally it is where they would sit, but I like it and it helps me get to know my ward quicker (:) and guess what! One of them was our neighbor. (not Violet, a different neighbor(: ) It was fun to talk with them. They were there for a class and we answered a lot of questions for them! 

So, one cool story. I know the Lord gives us the experiences we need to prepare us for what is to come! 6 weeks ago, I overheard someone talking about an interfaith going on in the community. Long story short, we tracked down the supervisor and got involved. WE met a freshman at W&L who is taking a summer class. By the end of the event (thanks to the elders for talking to her at the booth they were at) she runs up to us and says, "can I have a Book of Mormon?" YES!!!! So, we highlighted one, put our testimonies in it, and met up with her to give it to her. Well, she had so many questions we ended up teaching her for a good 30 minutes. She wasn't interested in meeting regularly, but she was so cool! So, we asked her if she would do something with us today. WE ended up walking around town. At the end, she told us she had been reading the Book of Mormon (: I felt JOY! And confident that I would continue to have experiences where I can share what I love forever(: I felt God telling me through this experience that there is always someone and some way to be a missionary. 

Well, I love y'all! Keep on smiling (: and create a GREAT day! 

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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