Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 16, 2016 – BEcome A Church Attender Who Seeks Revelation

I love you and my life and my mission (:

This week I finally came to understand, or at least gain more knowledge, on the importance of revelation through church attendance. It was actually through a ​ friend (Jesse) that I learned this. She said that she thought it was most important because it is right after we have just been cleansed by the sacrament and are then very worthy of the Holy Ghost’s presence. How cool! I never made this connection. It is hard, very hard to get friends to come to church here, but I am convinced that the more I learn about the simple truths of the subject the better I will understand how to better help them understand its importance in their lives.

​My challenge to you this week is to gain an understanding of how church can mean so much more to us when we go with a question in mind. I know that when we do this our experience at church is enhanced. ​ ​

My trainer and I get along well. She teaches me so much and I would be so lost without her. I prayed for a trainer who would be a hard worker long before I set foot in West Virginia and I know that prayer has been answered. Companions are not always easy, but the benefits highly outweigh the small costs.

​She told me the other night that she loved me because I was patient. HAHA if you didn't think a mission was good for me, now you know. I don't think I have ever been told I was patient before in my life (because I wasn't all that patient, but I am learning that it is an essential quality(:

Some questions I answered this week: I thought I would share! I encourage you to ask yourself the same question (obviously the 1st one)

Who you want to become: Well, I want to become someone who is converted to teaching repentance and baptizing converts. I have been thinking about what will happen after this mission and life (the millennium and so on) and I have decided that the tasks only get larger and encompass a different set of God’s beloved children. No matter what I do in life I hope to be doing God’s work and will for me. Christ is our ultimate example and this is all he did essentially so I can't begin to think my path is much different. (thank goodness, I love this work.) In the next 17 months I want to have a better understanding of what a true servant of the Lord is so that I can continue to serve him in other capacities. I can do this by just focusing on each day as it comes and truly learning from the experiences he gives me as I teach repentance and baptize those who are converted.

What you intend to accomplish as the Lord's missionary: I intend to give as many people the chance to hear about God, his love, and his Son that I possibly can. Of course I have other traits I want to acquire, but I know that if I make this my biggest accomplishment all of my other goals and hopes will come.

​Well, time is up! I am so sorry the blog is going to be so short this week! We will get there with this whole technology thing. I looked back in my journal and among learning how much I have grown, I have also learned that my handwriting has gotten progressively worse, along with my ability to put together a cute outfit! Ah mission life (: I love it!

Shout out to the Hills for my Vday Card and mom for the package and Grandma and Grandpa for the card! I love getting letters and pics from home! I miss you all dearly.

Love Sister Campbell (:
Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

The cliché' MTC picture (:

So fun to see Claudia in the MTC!

My favorite picture so far!

At one point they wouldn't let us go out in our cars, so we just bundled up and went walking to where we needed to go!

Jesse our friend (: She is so great!

With sisters from my zone in the MTC

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