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February 8, 2016 – BEcome A Bearer of Your Testimony


So this week was awesome! It has been super sunny for most of the time. We had Zone meeting and I got to meet some cool people! I also forgot to mention that a sister serving in a neighboring area is Kiah Browns old roommate. How random right? Haha so the roads in WV are not exactly straight or very safe. There are lots of pot holes EVERYWHERE. Sister Cutler and I were driving home and all of a sudden we hit a HOLE. in the road. WE wondered if the car was okay, but were on a road called 4H camp road and it isn't the most inviting so we didn't stop. Later on we stopped at a gas station to see if everything was okay and well hahha both the passenger hub caps were gone. The next morning we woke up and the front right tire was flat. needless to say we spent a lot of time at Goodyear with a friendly man named Jason. WE have this dinky spare tire and two hub caps off until new ones are ordered in. We went back to look in this giant hole for our hub caps but we don't know where they are. I think someone may have just taken them.

A miracle from this week (there are too many to count) came in the form of Jesse. She called us on the phone late the other night and told us that she had bumped into Mormon. org. She started talking to a woman on there from salt lake and then later on the phone. She was calling us because the woman encouraged her to call the missionaries in her area and set up a time to meet and discuss more about the gospel. She is great and we taught her all about the Restoration. Her face lit up like we had just given a 4 year old candy when we handed her her very own copy of the BOM. Are we this happy when we pick up the BOM each time we read? I hope so! The testament of Christ that is contained in this book is just that good. Because of the spirit she has felt, the faith she is beginning to build in Christ, and her want to change to be more like Christ she is on her way to accepting the gospel. It is so cool to see that her goal is the temple and to live with her family for forever! She is something else!

Well, This week I would challenge each of you to BEcome a bearer of your testimony. Whatever you believe about Christ, about God, about what they are teaching you..share it. Share it as much as you can with whoever you can. It will change who you are and how you view your life. Jesse actually ran into Mormon. org because she saw a post on FB about something someone else had posted about their beliefs. Because they bore a simple truth, they helped someone come closer to Christ. Do we do the same? Do we bear testimony of what we know to be true? Each night my companion and I tell each other 1. An "I love you today..because..and 2. My testimony grew today because.. WOW. Can I tell you how incredible it is to share with the person I spend my time with two personal things? And to see our relationship flourish because of it! I BEG OF YOU please do this. If you are married, take 5 minutes to get off your phone or out of your book and do this with your spouse as you are laying in bed. Or do it as you are preparing for bed. Do it while you are in the car or eating, just DO IT. If you are not married, find a roommate, a sibling, a friend, a parent, and do this simple, but powerful activity. Getting to bear my testimony and think about someone else before I go to bed is the most incredible way to end my day! I have not once fallen asleep feeling discouraged about my day because I have just focused on the first commandment: love god. and the second: love one another. I can tell you it will bless your life and your relationship with god, yourself, and the person you share it with!

As I get to bear my testimony each night about something god has taught me, it becomes natural. It becomes less scary and more incredible. I would love an email next week about how implementing this into your life has helped you(:

Now about my companion:

Sister Cutler is incredible! She has been out 3 transfers and has been in Mo Town the entire time! So after she is done training me (3 months) she will have spent almost half her mission here. Her first name is Megan. Haha, she takes such good care of me! We have so many laughs. We both are very hard workers and love to have gospel conversations (: The one hard thing is that she moves even quicker than I do! If you can imagine someone that moves quicker than me(: She gives me a run for my money and she teaches me so many things. We work SO well together. The one problem we have is sharing time haha we both are really good at holding a conversation(: But it is cool because when we do well at sharing time, we are such a powerful companionship! We are bold and persistent. Between the both of us, we find a lot of miracles from being persistent and not giving up. Yesterday we went to a house with two doors. We could tell people were home so sister Cutler knocked twice. She asked if she should knock a third time, I said yeah sure! No one answered. When we were walking down the stairs to go back to the car I looked at the other door and said, eh lets try that one too. We knocked and then sis Cutler didn't move for like 40 seconds. A man finally heard/saw us and came to the door! He was so nice and we have a return appointment with him next week.

I love you! Thank you for the support!
Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

In the MTC with my companion, Sister Huntington

I love getting mail! Packages and letters received while
in the MTC. 

In WV on transfer day - Sister Huntington and I with our new companions (Sister Cutler)

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