Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 22, 2016 – BEcome Calm

Oh Hey! Another week in the lovely land of the worst roads ever. Seriously. As it warms up giant holes are starting to form everywhere. This place will forever be remembered as the worst roads with the best people (: Well, In addition to my friends at home.

So this week was my hardest week here and my favorite week here so far! Being with a human, the same human, for 24 hours a day 7 days a week is not a walk in the park. Especially when you have so much in common. On top of all of the other challenges and so many people not following commitment I have had to remind myself many times this week that we are only given things in life that we are able to handle. There is a quote about how many times God does not calm the stormy sea, but he calms the heart of the sailor. My testimony grew immensely on that principle this week. In no means did God take away the slightest bit of what was going on around me, but as I prayed and thought about what I could change, and then changed it, I felt less like I was drowning and more calm. I felt so happy in the same place that I once felt so frustrated. I am learning more and more that happiness is a state of mind. We can be happy no matter where we are or what circumstances might overcome us. My challenge to you this week Is when life gets hard remember to focus on what you can change in your life to make it better and then to do so! Become calm in your heart rather than trying to change all of the circumstances you can't! Many times, even though it will take a lot of pride swallowing, the answer will be to act out of love. 

The Area is doing well! I decided to try out what my president said: to remember that God has more people prepared than I think. Wow! It totally worked. We did all we could this week to get members to lessons and the blessings were seen. To be honest, I had no idea why we even brought members to lessons, but one of my goals coming out was to be a missionary that worked with members. It is hard for me to have a passion for something I do not understand the principle behind so I prayed and asked to be able to understand why members being present in lessons are so important. And my testimony grew like wildfire about them this week! 

I am so thankful that I was put in Morgantown. I have met people here that have opened doors in my mind I didn't even know existed. I love this work so much! 

Because our area is so big we get to drive a lot. In between houses it is so peaceful to just listen to music and drive and think about each investigator we are going to see. I love going on drives so this is SUCH a tender mercy! 

​See you next Monday! I will have been here in WV for a whole month! Lucky me. This place is so fits me well (: ​

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

This is a rock that I pass by all of the time so we finally stopped to take a picture (:

So this is sister Lund! She is like grandma and makes me miss my grandmas a lot less (:

This is a member we went out with! She was in the ward visiting so we picked her up for a lesson.


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