Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 24, 2016 - Transfer News

No letter came through from Sister Campbell today. The library closed early and she ran out of time. However, this is a bit of information she shared with me before she had to go about transfers this week. 


So! Transfer news!

Saturday night we found out that Sister Tippetts was leaving! So, that was our guess but then we had to wait all the way until yesterday night to figure out WHERE. Yikes. Patience is a virtue. Well, she is going to Forest Virginia. It is about 4.5 hours away! She is really excited to be heading on a new adventure. I will really miss her. But I am excited for her(: She is getting one of the coolest Sisters (Sister Brower) who is going home in 1 transfer!

At Zone Conference all of the people with birthdays in the next few months were called up. I went up to get my treat and Sister Salisbury stopped me and said, hey! Did you know that President Salisbury's birthday is on the 21 of August too?! I WAS SO PUMPED. Haha, I have decided that my birthday is on a really good day. So Sunday I got told happy Birthday by many. I had packages arriving from Friday to Monday and it was so great! Everyone took care of me(: (pictures to come). President called us Sunday and I was excited because I thought he was calling to say happy birthday! Well, he was! But, he also asked me to be train a new missionary. And to take the call with enthusiasm. I DID (: So, that is the latest news! I will find out who my companion is tomorrow. Whoever it is, I am excited and I know the Lord wanted us to be together so that we can both learn from each other. I felt overwhelmed last night because I realized that I was probably going to mess up or not do something perfectly. Then I remembered a letter my mom sent me with her testimony about how we are not defined by our mistakes, just how we choose to recover from them. I was reminded that THE ATONEMNET IS REAL. Christ loves us, knows we aren't perfect, and wants to help.

Charleston is beautiful!!

Zone conference with our favorite sisters :)

Elder Scott had an ELEPHANT TIE! We both love elephants too so naturally we had to take a photo.

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