Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 29, 2016 - PUSH HARDER (:

The update! I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Allen. She is from Queen Creek, AZ. She is straight out of the MTC!  We are super close in age and we get along well. She is the most proper perfect kind thing ever! So, she has the love and I have the bold. I am hoping she softens me up some (:

Last week: was crazy and we saw miracle after miracle. My favorite part of last week was when I was taught a principle of the gospel in the silliest way.

I really needed to use the restroom but when I went up the door was locked. I tried again and I was confused why it was locked because it had multiple stalls. Whatever. We sat down, ordered food and then I REALLY had to go so we got back up and tried again. Nothing. It still wouldn't open. As I was debating on going to the neighboring restaurant, a lady walked up right behind me AND WALKED RIGHT IN. I was so confused. I walked back up, pushed on the door a little harder, and it opened. In my defense, it was a really heavy door. I laughed at myself all night for that, but when I got thinking I realized a gospel principle: If the doors to miracles aren't opening, it probably isn't the door! It is probably YOU. Push a little harder!

So, yes! My challenge to you is to not blame our lack of blessings on the Lord, but to just push a little harder. Maybe that is having more faith, or maybe that is simply having more action or more power in what we are already doing. Or maybe: it is even in our vision. Are we looking hard enough for them? I think you get my point(: but really people, PUSH HARDER! The doors will open (:

Well, training is good! We love it and we are finding miracles. The last four days have been fun. I feel like everything semi fell through, but we made the most of it and are seeing great things!

I felt 
a lot of pressure this week​ because I watch Sister Allen and realize that I am the only thing she knows! THE ONLY thing she knows. And she has faith that I am an obedient, preach my gospel missionary who will teach her how to be the same. That is a lot of weight! But also a blessing. I have been able to really sift out the qualities I need to improve on and begin that process. I have also been able to teach her about my love for this work. I hope my love for hard work is scrubbing off some of the homesickness she is feeling.

So, just an update on our miracles: The Cooney family (I told you about them a month or so ago) decided that they were not interested in coming back to church or becoming members. It was so hard to watch them make this choice, but it taught me the importance of praying to know that it is true. They experienced family opposition and no matter how much we taught about prayer and bore testimony of the necessity of it, they just didn't pray! I have no doubt that IF they would have received a witness it was true that they would have accessed the power needed to push through that opposition. WE still love them and Sister Tippetts got to go and say goodbye to them.

We are working with a woman (Sister Rhodes) who at first was terrified to open the Book of Mormon but now….SHE LOVES when we come and she HAS BEEN READING AND PRAYING. On transfer day we went to see her right after I picked Sister Allen up. I had planned to teach the Atonement so I prepped her and the member, helped them feel comfortable, and then we got there and we followed up with her reading. She told us that she had back slid. The spirit guided me to throw the lesson and to read with her. I did. And guess what! It was perfect. Sister Allen had no problem with it and even pointed out later in training that she liked that I would change lesson plans if that is what the spirit guided me to do. The member loved it as well and Sister Rhodes got back into her habit of reading and praying. Oh, it gets better! She came to CHURCH. Even better than that she was nervous to be around so many people and wanted to stay close to us, but because we worked our tail off to find a solid member fellowshipper for her she felt comfortable enough to sit with her rather than us. That member even walked her out to her car after sacrament meeting (working on all 3 hours next week) and talked with her. NICE.

President has asked us to focus lots on always finding no matter what!  Long story short, we were out to eat with a member and between the three of us and our invitation to church our waiter came to church! Haha, always finding! (:

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Fun with members.

Love these sisters!

Sister Allen and I.

Name tag photo (by request for my mom).

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