Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 6, 2016 - BEcome Happy for the "Small, But Big Things"!


Are you having a good week? I hope so! And if not, I hope that after this email it will be(: The gospel always cheers us up!!

Well, this week was so fun! I think that it was one of the more unique weeks of my mission because we taught less than I ever have, but the people we are teaching are progressing! And we found other good people to teach as well! SO COOL!

When Sister Tippetts and I were together we were walking out of a dinner appointment and this little boy came up and asked us if we went to church! Haha kids are the best. As we were talking to him the thought entered into my head, "talk with everyone"! I looked back and noticed a lady sitting on the sidewalk. We went up and started talking with her. As we did she told us that she was a member of our church! It had been like 20 some odd years since she had been baptized or been to church. About a year ago she started trying to strengthen her relationship with God and had moved there a few months before. We have been teaching her for the past few weeks and it has been amazing to see and watch her testimony in the restored gospel grow! The more connections she finds to her personal life (and they are everywhere if we look) the more her testimony in Jesus Christ grows! Her and her granddaughter have been to church twice now and J (the granddaughter) LOVES it. She told us that she has noticed us walking around for a while but just didn't ever say anything. She said she would always tell herself, "they will find me!" ISN"T THAT SO COOL? I think it is. I really do know Heavenly Father loves his children and it has been so fun to see her come to believe this the more she prays, reads, attends church, and follows the commandments! I love this family. (this is the same woman I mentioned a few weeks ago (:)

Remember the Washington guy who I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, for about 10 days he totally fell off the face of the earth. We would call and call and call but no answer. One night, we were calling as always AND HE ANSWERED AGAIN. He has moved to WV and just experienced the worst opposition ever through family and friends, but guess what! HE KNOWS IT IS TRUE. He has prayed and has read the Book of Mormon and been taught by the spirit that it is true. My favorite thing about him is how simple things make him SO HAPPY. The other day he told us that he saw a picture of the temple and the prophet in the same day and it made him feel so good! Haha. We pulled out the scriptures to teach over the phone and he just says in this excited voice, "aH! This is going to be good!" I really enjoy how happy this gospel makes him. I hope we can all follow his example and BEcome happy for the "small, but big things"! He truly loves Jesus Christ! He is excited to be baptized, but is not being encouraged by any loved ones! HE COULD USE PRAYERS. (: 

A few weeks ago we went to teach a woman who comes to teach her Sunday school class but who doesn't come to Sacrament meeting much. We taught about the importance of daily scripture study. At the end of the lesson we asked for a referral. She gave us one to her sister. We tried and tried but no one was home! Well, last night we had an appointment set up with a potential man to teach but he was a single male and we did not end up finding a member to come with us. I really felt that we still needed to go to his house and make a return appointment. I just really wanted to follow the plans we had made BY THE SPIRIT. I trusted that because we prayed and asked the night before for the spirit to help us! And all of our plans were in that area. Long story short, he didn't answer but when we were there I got a prompting to go and try the referral. To our amazement not only she was home, BUT the member who gave us the referral was there AND their other sister from out of state was there. We were obedient and we created a teaching environment. Turns out the out of state sister knew almost nothing about the church or the Book of Mormon. By the end of our visit the sister took a Book of Mormon and was excited to read it and we are going to set up a time to meet with the sister that was a referral (she didn't know her schedule because she travels back and forth to hospitals)! SO the best part in my opinion was the look of pure joy in this sweet members face because her sisters had been taught more about the gospel that she loves! AND she looks at me and says, "Sister Campbell, I have to tell you that I have been doing better on reading my scriptures"! BOOM. PURE HAPPINESS! I GOT SO EXCITED FOR HER! I felt so much joy to know that she felt the happiness that came from reading her scriptures! PEOPLE! READ THE WORD OF GOD (: Don't complain about your day until you have read and prayed! And if you are still complaining, read harder! God loves you and he wants to comfort you and give you guidance and help through your troubles and pains but he can't unless you ask! WHEN WE READ THE SCRIPTURES AND PRAY we are asking him to help! He will!

Remember that I love you (:

Sister Campbell

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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