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May 22, 2017 – BEcome Truly Converted to a Part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ That You Desire to Strengthen Your Testimony In

My favorites! 

This week was a roller coaster, but all good things and we are seeing others become converted left and right. WE LOVE IT. There is no greater feeling than walking into church with a friend and watching them participate in the ordinance of the sacrament for the first time in over 35 years(: No greater gift! 

So funny story, Yesterday sister Waddoups fed us dinner and made a whole pan of Texas sheet cake and sent us with the WHOLE THING to give out to people. Who knew cake was such a good way to contact people and help them feel loved? WE talked to a lot of our friends and got 3 appointments set up. Creativity at work, haha! 

We went out with a girl who has recently returned from her mission. We went to teach a very Baptist man who could not wrap his head around the blessing of a modern-day prophet. It was quite the lesson. Anyhow, we got out of the lesson and the member that was with us said something that really hit me. It was her first time being out with the missionaries since her mission. She told us that being a member and being a missionary was VERY different. During the lesson, she had so many thoughts run through her head, but she felt the spirit often during the lesson asking her to not speak. She felt the spirit testify to her that Sister Wevers and I were set apart and called to testify. The more I thought about that, the more I realized how blessed I am to teach people this message! There is no other job or experience like it. 

Sooo. SHOUT OUT TO THE KASMERS ( you know who you are) because I finally served with that Hawaiian companion I have always wanted. Even if it was only for a day. Now the back story to this. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a Hawaiian companion. Like SOOO bad. So, when I found out I was training again I thought for sure she was going to be Hawaiian. I got Sister Zaugg who is totally not that, but she is great(: The Kasmers are some members I got close to in Cotton Hill. When I told them I wanted a Hawaiian companion they were sure I was never gonna get one cause there aren't many in the mission. BUUT dreams do come true cause I went on exchanges with Sister Fonua (: #dreambig 

During the exchange, we focused on prayer and on tweaking, not throwing our ideas out. Sister Fonua taught me many good things! The most important thing she taught me was that missionary work is supposed to be enjoyable all of the time. She had the best attitude about everything. She also taught me that if you put eggs in Ramen noodles it makes them taste better. I hate ramen noodles, but she offered to make me some for breakfast and I had never tried it so I always try it once, haha. 

On occasion, I will stop to think about how abnormal what I am doing is. How unique and personal our message is. And then thoughts rush into my head of why I know that what I am doing is God's work. We were driving one day this week and a song came on that was talking about the Book of Mormon and the history of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I still remember the part in the song where I was listening closely and all of a sudden I got goosebumps from my head to the last part of my toes. I felt so happy and I felt peace. I felt that the world stopped for a moment as I remembered that what I know is true. And I felt a moment of courage. I felt that I had the faith to be obedient to what God had asked me to do. I am grateful for the confirmation that I received of the truthfulness of Jesus Christ and His church. These experiences can happen often (they will be different for all of us) if we are looking and they help us to stay truly converted as we use them to fuel our obedience and faith. My goal this week is to seek for an opportunity to BEcome truly converted to a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ that you desire to strengthen your testimony in. Pray for that opportunity and work for it! 

We also taught Bryan the law of tithing using animal crackers (thanks Brother Barney) this week and it connected for him. I am being stretched as a missionary right now because we are teaching many progressing people but they are all on much different levels and they all learn differently. We have had to totally rely on the spirit as we teach. We taught Bryan about the importance of service and then at the end of the lesson he asked Sister Wevers and I if there were any needs in our family and if he could pray for them. He is loving the gospel and despite his 12-year-old type setbacks, he is really doing well. Love that kid! His mom isn't in the picture and I feel the women of the ward have helped him to feel nurtured and loved. Such a blessing. 

Visiting the members of our congregation is our new favorite thing. I have never felt more purposeful on my whole mission. We love teaching short lessons to members and helping them share the gospel! We reach A LOT of people that way. 

I got to make my fort this week! The convincing worked(:  We celebrated sister Wevers’ year mark. I am so proud of her. She is a good buddy to have and we never have a dull day or a dull dish. We cook a lot of good food cause she teaches me how(: All I can make is chocolate chip pancakes, haha! She is strong and she pushes through. 

WELL! Pray for us. We have got some gooooood things happening here(:

I LOVE my calling so much! 

Sister Campbell

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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