Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 5, 2017 – Become a Disciple That Will Go the Extra Mile (:

My favorites (: 

Brother Mackey was baptized and confirmed this week! My favorite color is pure white. It is everyone's best color…I am telling ya (: So, we planned his service fairly quickly and we focused on having the right people be involved. It all worked out to have those people be able to participate in the service. The actual baptismal service was an adventure. They got in the font BUT IT WAS DRAINING. sooo.. good thing our ward mission leader is an x pro football player because he was in a solid squat as he baptized brother Mackey, ha. The spirit was strong as brother Mackey was baptized and his nerves went away--you could just tell because the spirit was present like never before. We asked brother Mackey to bear his testimony. At first, when we asked him a few weeks ago, he was like noooo way. But then slowly, he decided he would. I loved his pure testimony. He proceeded to bear his testimony about Heavenly Father with one of his analogies and then testified that he believed everything he read was one hundred percent true. And then he stops and says.. no.. two hundred percent true. (: That felt good. Haha so his confirmation yesterday was crazy because he was almost late –bless his heart (we all have weaknesses). We confirmed that he was coming, but then church started and he wasn't there. AHH!!!! He told us he was on his way. So, we sing the hymn but it was the shortest hymn in the book I kid you not. So, this sweet little old man gets up and I just say, God, please make this the longest prayer possible. Sister Wavers told me after she was heart praying the same thing hahah. Well, our prayers were answered cause this man prayed and prayed and PRAYED. As we kept praying, he kept praying. So, shout out to you great grandpa Calvin because I learned to appreciate long prayers (; right after the prayer Brother Mackey came in, sat down and then had to pop right up again so he could go be confirmed. He made sure he shook every single man’s hand after- he is a stellar member (:

We were on a leadership call with president the other day and at the end of the call he told us that he was going to say the prayer. I realized that I think this is the only time I have ever heard him pray. Wow! This man is called of God and he loves us and this mission. The things he prayed for were spot on and they ran through my mind all day. They are still doing so. It was a great example to me of prayers with faith behind them.

Yesterday we parked the car in the nearest parking lot instead of driving right up to our appointment. As we were walking there, there was one man (there is hardly ever anyone outside walking there) walking. We turned around and started talking to him. Guess what? He is looking for a church(: It was a reminder to me that Miracles are in the extra mile, extra smile, or extra sacrifice. We need to give up our will to God’s and be willing to give all we have, not just what is comfortable or easy to give. Become a disciple that will go the extra mile (:

HEY! I love y’all. I know that through Jesus Christ we can be delivered from all…even the tiny everyday things are easier when we involve Him through prayer, study, worship, gratitude, and forgiveness (:


Sister Campbell 

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission


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