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May 29, 2017 – BEcome More like Him (Jesus Christ) Each Day (:

My favorites (:

We had a week for the story book for sure!
Happy Memorial day(: We got to go to this event put on by the city today. I enjoyed being there with my neighbors and friends (everyone starts to know everyone even after 3 months here) to remember and thank so many! Something the speaker said struck me. He said- "if we are going to continue to be the land of the free…we need to continue to be the home of the brave." Freedom -whether it be our country or from the chains of the devil does not come without brave soldiers. People who understand their purpose enough to give their lives up for it. 
I was thinking- If not death or full time for a period of time, I hope we are all giving up a small part of ourselves to BEcome more like Him (Jesus Christ) each day. (: 

I feel like the less time you have on your mission the more people ask you when you go home. I get it at least 10 more times a day than normal. Or maybe it just feels like that. 

We are teaching this couple and their daughter. They are a fun little family with many challenges cause life and Satan, but they have great hearts. We got to their lesson and she had literally taught herself the entire restored gospel. I was shocked at how much they knew and their questions were very inspired. They are very interested in coming to know it is true, but people are so focused on outside resources and creating our own ways rather than just doing the simple things we have been asked to do. We taught them about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and asking God if it is true. On missions we don't use google but in non missionary life I did. It made me think about how often I would turn to a tool like the internet or a friend or my parents before I would turn to the Lord. Here, if I don't know how to do something or I need information, I ask God first. I pray! I think sometimes we forget that our technology is a tool that we turn to AFTER going to God in prayer(: It isn't ask of google- it is ask of God. And, if needs be, he guides us to use the right tool which could be google. 

When we were walking back to where our car was parked, I saw a shopping cart so I decided since were were walking the same way I would return it.. HA. It was quite literally the loudest and most obnoxious noise ever. Shopping carts and sidewalks don't make a good team, but hey at least we were seen and doing a good deed while being seen, haha! 

We had a mission leadership council meeting Tuesday. President's last one and my last one. President texted us to tell us that there was a huge accident (we haven't gotten an update yet on the people:(  right on the interstate that we needed to use to get from Lexington to Charleston (3 hour drive there and another 3 hours back seeing that all goes smoothly). I panicked a little bit because I am the absolute worst with directions and I was the co-driver….so it was mostly on me to figure out how to get us there. President gave us these really long detailed instructions and told us not to do anything differently. He said if we followed his directions, we would get there only 40 minutes later than usual. I looked on the GPS and I saw so many other routes we could take. He told us no and to go the way he said - through this pretty mountain pass in the middle of no where haha. We decided that he knew best and we would follow to a T his directions. Sister Wevers said she said an extra prayer asking God that we would arrive there on semi time and in one piece.  We followed every one of his directions and we got there (: We got there and I realized not everyone was there.  There were many missionaries that accidentally took the wrong way- the way I thought we should go- and got stuck in a whole bunch of messes with traffic from the wreck and I think even another detour. I was SO grateful that we had listened to our mission president and not my idea. President had the biggest grin on his face when we walked in and later he told us that he was thankful we listened to him. He was so pleased with that choice. He saw around the corners and he knew how to keep us safe and how to get us there with the least amount of problems. It didn't seem that way…I will admit it actually sounded a bit crazy when I looked at the map and all of the other ways we could have gone, but he knew best. My desire to follow the prophets and the apostles was enhanced. I felt the spirit witness to me that these men speak the will of God and that I should follow their counsel the same way I followed President Salisbury's directions- with exactness. It took time and effort to understand his directions…same with the prophets. We have to not just read or listen to the prophet’s words, but we need to STUDY AND APPLY them to our lives. I know their words will be what makes sure we return to our desired destination of our heavenly home (: It was a temporal experience, but it helped my testimony grow incredibly. During the closing song in MLC I could not stop crying. I realized it was my last missionary meeting in a big group setting. I was comforted by the spirit that there is a time and a season for everything and that good things won't come to an end. 

We were out working this week and we decided to work around the area where we had tried someone. We walked to the very end of the street and outside there was a dad and his daughter. He and his wife are catholic and he told us, "I actually know I really need to read the Book of Mormon!" That felt good(: I have a good feeling about him. They go out of town for a week but you best believe we will be seeing them soon(: 

I got to go on exchanges with Sister McHan this week. She is an incredible missionary. I came out with her last Jan(:  I have always wanted to serve around her so this was a blessing. We had some good laughs and brought a trash can to a lesson (cause object lessons work). We taught about how the sacrament each week for us is like garbage day. We weekly have an opportunity to have our sins taken from us rather than stinking up or piling up.  I asked her how she can always focus on the other person and not be focused on fearing men or what they think of her. She told me that she tells herself, "it's not about you". I have been trying it and it works so well. It reminds me of who the most important person is--the one right in front of me.  Sister Zaugg is her companion and she turned 20 so we celebrated (: Shout out to you! 
We are working suuuper hard with the people we are teaching and so are they(: I love repentance and the joy it brings to others. 


And I love you! 
Sister Campbell

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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