Thursday, March 23, 2017



I wish I could tell you everything cool that happened but I will just say a few things!

So, we have been trying to work with members and help them get the love of missionary work into their hearts. We have a fireside and we invited a young boy to bear his testimony at it. It came as a very strong prompting to me and I wondered why. Well on Sunday he showed up with three of his football friends! Haha the Lord just knew he needed a little push. COOL! Can't wait to hear his testimony at the fireside.

I decided to change my attitude a few weeks ago to more of an expectation that I was going to see more conversion. Well, apparently, that was what was missing from my missionary work because I AM SEEING BIG MIRACLES. Bigger than ever before. It hit me last night that I can't ever do or see anything that I haven't even imagined or had any faith in happening. Miracles happen after the trial of our faith. Sometimes it is just elevating our belief or trust that it could happen! (I hope that makes sense).

We worked this one street like it was the only street in our area and after around 8 referrals we are seeing this area COME ALIVE. We found an awesome family and it has been amazing to see the dads heart just completely soften towards the gospel. They are going through a lot. Please keep them in your prayers.

Just a fun little story: The other day Sister Allen and I worked an area and found nothing promising. As we were leaving, Sister Allen said something about this area just not being any good right now. I felt my heart sink and instantly I recognized what a lie that was! I immediately turned around and we talked to the first person we saw because I felt like if Satan was working that hard on our hearts there is someone prepared to hear the gospel there! I realized how even the smallest negative thought comes from the evil one! My challenge this week is to BEcome quick to recognize the negative thoughts you have and then remember who they come from! THEY ARE NOT FROM GOD.  Only good things come from him (:

My testimony grew so much in the Book of Mormon this week when I left my scriptures 10ft away from me and then ended up not having time to go get them and share a scripture. I cried myself to sleep that night because my heart just ached that I couldn't share Alma 40:11 with her after a death in her family! I realized how true I know the scriptures are. Cool experience.

Well, I love you all and I love being a representative of Jesus Christ! President talks about how our calling from him TRUMPS all of the opposition we face. Sure, I feel closer to the devil than ever before, but that is because I am getting closer and closer to God. With all good, there is the evil there to oppose it! gospel principle (:

Love, Sister Campbell

Shout out to Asher, Lili, and K for getting baptized!! Woohoo!

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

I have never been friends with so many girls IN MY LIFE!

I kept this safe for SISTER KELLER. 

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