Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 10, 2017 – HAPPY EASTER!

One quick story for my email this week: 
Last week it was pouring rain. We both were not exactly excited to be out in it. I said a prayer and asked God to help us be happy in the rain. We went to try the person we had planned to try - they weren't home. Our next contact wasn't terribly far away. We decided to walk instead of drive. Well, on our walk there was ONE man walking in the rain. WE went up to him and talked with him. Turns out, he saved a Book of Mormon from the trash pile and has been reading it. Essentially, he hasn't found a church with all of the truth so he just tried to find as much as he can. Needless to say, he liked what we taught (: AND HE CAME TO CHURCH. This place is on fire! 

WE HAD A STELLAR WEEK! All because we went the extra mile every time we had the opportunity. The blessings DO COME (: I just know it! 

p.s. -still my favorite website (: Check out the video! 


Love you all! 

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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