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February 21, 2017 – BEcome Someone Who Prays for Miracles - Ask of God

My favorites! 

This week Sister Zaugg and I planned an event at the church. The theme was: ASK OF GOD. We had videos, music, and testimonies about prayer. WE worked our TAILS OFF to make sure everything went well and that we involved as many people as possible. Well, the one thing that spaced my mind was setting up the projector for the videos….yikes. That was important. So, we had some difficulties setting it up. A few hours before Sister Zaugg and I said a fervent prayer: I asked God to help everything work out. I asked him to work a miracle. Well, one of the videos had failed to download, but then I went to check again and somehow it was there! WE saw a miracle and the event went SO SMOOTHLY. The spirit was strong. I know that if we ASK OF GOD in faith, that He WILL answer. Prayer works (: Have faith to pray for miracles. 

This week, we went to see a family we are teaching. They were all crazy busy and didn't have time for a lesson, but they were all standing on the stairs. So, we started teaching immediately and they ended up saying a prayer with us and letting us teach them (: It pays off to have a plan and to be persistent. We call it our stair step lesson (: Haha. 

One of our investigators told us on the phone this week that they wouldn't be able to make it to church on Sunday because they were heading to a hockey game. We have just recently started teaching them so we hadn't taught them what it means to keep the Sabbath Day holy. We had a lesson coming up before Sunday. I knew that it would be easy to justify teaching that lesson later, but the spirit kept inviting us to teach it to him and to give him a clear choice. I fasted to be able to teach well and to teach with power. It felt so good to teach him about the Lord's will. Our mission president always says that it isn't hard if we know who we are---I really agree with that. Long story short, he didn't come to church :( BUT we taught him clearly a correct principle, and we let him govern himself. 

We are teaching another youth THAT IS ON FIRE. He loves the gospel and soaks up what we teach. We have our trials with him too, but it is amazing to see someone who just LOVES it (: 

I love my calling! 


Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

The flyer to our event we put on this week. IT WENT SO WELL!


We went on a VERY adventurous hike! 

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