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April 11, 2016 – BEcome Resourceful

Family and Friends!
I always get so caught up in emailing I always forget about his email! I know it is a semi mass of an email/blog post but I want all of you to know that I appreciate the support and the love that you give me so much. I am convinced that I know the best humans on the planet(: I hope and pray that this email does more than just update you about my life, but that it helps you and inspires you to think about Christ more (:
Well, this week was super. Sister Cutler and I had so many very well planned out days this week. We were excited for everything that was going to happen. The two days I was looking forward to the most in particular just wrecked. Nothing went as planned, but somehow they turned out even better than we had planned! My testimony grew in the fact that God really does consecrate our efforts. If we do all we can to obey him and what he has asked us to do, our lives won't turn out the way we want them too, they will turn out even better (:
​So anyone who knows me (all of you reading this) are going to laugh really hard at this email. So please just be prepared. This week I was awakened to the fact that I am not the easiest person to approach, to correct, or to have a conversation with when we don't agree. I have thought a TON about this this week and I have had such a desire to change this quality. This morning I was studying and pondering about what I could do to change it. I thought for a while about how I could change it. I came up with some good ideas on my own, but then I remembered thinking about what president tells us: "we study from Preach My Gospel daily." (our book that helps us (aka all members of the church(;) with missionary work.) So I hurried and grabbed my book. I opened to chapter 6 which talks about Christ like attributes and how to develop them. My question of how to become more humble and less stubborn was answered. (: I love that all I did was simply turn to a resource that I have been commanded to use and that I saw such a huge blessing SO quickly.
This was all because I decided to be resourceful rather than just using my ideas. I am sure we all have questions of how we can become better and they are all so different. My challenge to you this week is to become resourceful! Let's use the incredible resources our prophets and apostles give us and command us to use! Maybe it is paying more attention in church, attending seminary more ready to learn, using the Ensign, listening to conference, reading our scriptures (This one is one of my favorites) personally and with others each day or something else that God has given us! The resources we are given will help us to become more Christ-like quicker than what we can do on our own (:
Sister Cutler and I were in Zone meeting (there were a lot of people there) and the thought came to mind that she could leave me in a few weeks. I knew I liked her, but I didn't know I liked her enough to start bawling in the middle of the closing song. Haha, well, it's true, I do. This sister is INCREDIBLE and she knows how to be a missionary. She has become one of my best friends. Leaving her will be like leaving home all over again! We find out soon abut transfers. P.S. In two weeks preparation day will be on a Tuesday instead of a Monday because of transfers. I’m most likely staying. (: Thank goodness. I like Morgantown!
Mom sent me an email today and reminded me that I have almost been out for ONE SIXTH of my mission! It really hit me. This mission if a flying by. I am so thankful for all of the support and love (:
Well, that is all for today! I know it is quick. I am working on a Q and A about some of the things I have been asked in past letters and emails. If you would like to add to it, let me know (: or my mumsy know!

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Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

This is our good friend Jane. We are working hard to help her come back to church more frequently. Her personality reminds me of grandma Nette so much. 

This is all of the sisters in our Zone. We went to five guys after Zone Meeting and having Interviews. We have a funny group. Shout out to Sister Flake and Robinson (Kiah’s roommate). They have to ride bikes for FOUR DAYS while their car gets fixed. This is NOT a bicycle friendly town. Troopers I tell ya. 

For Sister Cutler’s 7 month celebration we got some gelato and came home to find LETTERS (: We love getting letters. 

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