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June 20, 2016 - BEcome Faithful Enough to See Miracles

This week has been hands down the most eventful week of my mission!!! I would like to thank Joycee for the opposition as she was in the hospital and it was really hard to not wish to be home(: I know that with great things come the hard things. I chose to have a good attitude and just focus on the work! I know that the Lord protected her and as I had faith that he would, I had the energy to focus on the work here. BLESSINGS COME FROM HAVING FAITH people. It is an enduring truth.  

Speaking of—
HAVING THE FAITH TO SEE MIRACLES: President, Preach my Gospel, you name it, just hammers on this topic. Not just having faith, but having the faith to see actual real life miracles. So Shirley (if you don’t know who Shirley must have just started reading my emails, so thanks! ) the same Shirley we have been teaching since February FINALLY after all this time experienced the Holy Ghost’s role in conversion (: AND IT WAS AWESOME. Here is the scoop: We had a lesson with her Saturday. Sister Lee was on exchanges and that morning all of our rides from members started cancelling. This was a problem you see because we can’t walk there. So I worked out a ride with a member and a ride to our next place. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it to see Shirley. We got there and guess what: no answer! We called her and she had totally spaced the appointment. No big deal, we will see her at church! We asked if she was coming but we knew without a doubt she would be, she comes every week! She loves church! She answered, “Nawh, I ain’t comin. I just ain’t feelin it and I might got compny comin ovr” (her accent is the Cutest and I talk like her all the time, hehe so cute!). WHAT? Shirley never cancels. We were so sad. She told us to call Monday. Well. Sister Powell (Jenni’s twin and my aunt on my mission) texted us Sunday and told us to guess who was coming to church. SHIRLEY was! She had called early that morning asking her for a ride. We went with Sister Powell to go pick her up! As she came out of the house she was beaming. I had never seen her talk or move or smile the way she was. It was like she was a whole new person. We asked her what changed and she said,” I just woke up and God tol me I needed to go to church!” It was soo cool! We just thought that it meant that she thought she needed to come, so she did. Awesome!  So after Sacrament meeting we were running around trying to find books to teach from and we were late getting into class. Our other investigators both had to leave early so it was just her and an older couple. When we got in there the older couple just couldn’t contain their excitement and asked Shirley to share her experience again. Long story short:  They did some digging and found out that Shirley actually heard a VOICE tell her that she needed to come! She felt and heard the Holy Ghost that strong and listened to his prompting! No wonder she was glowing! We had planned to teach Holy Ghost on Saturday and it was the topic that day in Sunday School. So as we taught, we helped her to see that she could feel this way ALL THE TIME! She wanted to be baptized so bad! We asked her to pray about JULY 2! That is so soon! It was great to just see it click for her! Friends! The Morgantown ward is going to be having a brand new CONVERTED member of their ward very soon(:  As we were evaluating, we realized that Sister Lee and I had prayed and planned so much to just figure out how to help her feel the Holy Ghost. We had faith if we could help her feel it, then she would understand. Well, it happened. We had the faith and we knew a miracle would unfold! My challenge to you: Be faithful enough to see miracles in your life!

Other good news: Brother Spears told us HE WANTS TO MOVE HIS DATE UP! The gospel is just too good to people(:

WE have been fine without a car! Just makes life more interesting, but who doesn’t love a good challenge. Haha can’t wait to tell you all of the good stories when I get home.

WE had a tornado warning this week and were teaching a lesson during it at a Less Actives home! HAHAH it was great! I don’t think there was one, but there were some STRONNNG winds! West Virginia is tornado land. Who knew?

BUTTER KNIVES DON’T ALWAYS SAVE LIVES: Here is the deal: I love Sister Cutler. Last week she sent this experience home in her email!  

Butter Knives save lives! On Saturday, I decided that I didn't need to make sure I had the keys in my bag and I locked the door and left. So we were stuck without car keys or house keys on a Saturday when our landlord isn't in his office and no, we don't have his cell. So we call Elder Ravert in the mission office and his only thing he had for us was that we couldn't get on a ladder and that we could call some members or pay for a locksmith. He suggested we just start trying to break in and maybe someone would take pity on us and help us. Hahahhaa what in the world!! Anyways, we live on the top floor, and he said "You have one hour to figure this out. Let's see how resourceful you are." Guess they're trying to help us be self-reliant :/

soooooo we said a prayer and started thinking. We knocked on the neighbor’s door and woke them up accidentally, asking to borrow a butter knife because we locked ourselves out of our house. They asked no questions and silently handed us a butter knife and we were just like.....what? I leaned over the balcony while Sister McHan held onto me (in case our sketch balcony let go on me) and I pried open the window with a butter knife, then climbed over the balcony and shot for the window as Sister McHan held onto my legs and pushed me inside. In 20 minutes.
 "I won't ask you what you did, but good job." - Elder Ravert

So I had been thinking about and laughing about it all week. Well Saturday, we had exchanges so Sis Skanchy came here and Sis Lee went to Fairmont. At 10:25 Sis Skanchy used the bathroom. She kept trying to get out, but it sounded like she was having issues. I went over to help her, but we couldn’t figure it out! The door was stuck! And bed time was in 5 min. First of all: this poor Sister is here for one night and it just so happens to be the night the people came and re did the tub so there are fumes galore in there. I didn’t panic, I just tried to be self-reliant. Thomas told me to not be that annoying missionary who calls their district leader for dumb stuff so I presumed to figure it out myself. I thought of Sis Cutler’s experience and I look up to her so I was like! Oh! Duh, I’ll just do what she did and use a butter knife. Well it didn’t turn out as nicely as her experience. A few calls later and with the help of more hands than mine Sister Skanchy successfully made it out of the bathroom without passing out a little before midnight. The whole time I pondered why my experience wasn’t just like Sis Cutler’s even though I had faith a butter knife could fix it. One lesson I learned was that God gives us our own experiences and we can learn from others, but we can’t try to compare others experiences to our own! God blessed us! She got out safe and all was okay, but the way we got there was MUCH different. My friends, butters knives won’t always save lives!!

Well I love you all!

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia

Sister Campbell and Sister Skanchy on exchanges in Morgantown.

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