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April 4, 2016 – BEcome a Reflector

Hello Family and Friends!
I hope that your conference weekend and the rest of your week was spectacular. School is getting closer and closer to being done. That is exciting!
West Virginia is still great! The people are even better and the roads are still terrible. Hahaha (: They really are worth mentioning.
This past little bit we showed the video on all the time. When we would show it to families we would invite them to choose things from conference that they learned and make a plan for action. To choose a few things they could do to follow Jesus Christ more. At the beginning of conference the sister mentioned in her prayer that we had all come to “deepen our discipleship”. That was what I focused on throughout conference, and I learned that is how we should always be looking at life. With a question in mind of How we can be better. We listen to a song in the car almost everywhere we go. There is a certain phrase that always sticks out to me. The man is talking about what he wants to be and then says: “THE WORTHY, UNSHAKABLE, WITNESS HE NEEDS”. What better way to state the goal I need to have in my life. With this goal, actions need to be taken.
In my eyes, this conference was all about action, and action towards the right things. To act, to act quickly, and to act with the right goal in mind. In specialized training President talked about how each of our leaders can see far ahead and even around the corners. This made me realize how important the words of these incredible people are and how serious we should take their words.
I picked a few things that I felt that I really needed to focus on as I reflected back on my notes: I will share one. The importance of knowing a person’s name was mentioned in a talk. It hit me harder than a rock. I have never been the best at knowing names, but now is the time to change that.
We volunteer at a rest home ALL the time. We have gotten to know many of the residents there, but sometimes their names just slip my mind. As we were saying hi to some of them on our way out I saw an older lady that we played bingo with. I walked up and said. “Hi Evelyn!!” Oh man was she ecstatic! She almost jumped out of her wheelchair to give me a hug! I had only seen her once, but I had remembered her name and it had made her day. It helped her to feel loved and to feel special. That small moment helped me to understand why knowing others names are important. When we know other people’s names, we help them to feel loved and to feel important, just like Christ makes us feel loved and important. It is a small part of becoming like Him, but it made a big difference in her life and mine.
My challenge to you this week is to Become a reflector. Someone who reflects on the things that they have heard and the experiences they have had and then makes a plan to change. To learn from the life we get to live. Doing this helps us to better ourselves and to prepare for what lies ahead.
Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission 

Softening Hearts one Enchilada at a time.
Coming on my mission has taught me this: I really don’t know how to cook hahaha, but I know how to survive by eating healthy. Then again it gets balanced out with Cadbury eggs so not really.
We were teaching our friend Mo one day. We were talking about how much God can work through us to serve others. Sometimes we think that we have to save the world to be important but we don’t. We simply do all that we can. We all brainstormed some service we could do and decided that we were all not very great at making dinner, but that we would try anyways and then take it to someone. So we resorted to the one thing I am a master at: mom’s enchiladas. We decided we would take them to a friend named Shirley who is preparing for baptism. We had such a fun time making them. My testimony grew even more in how much service can help us feel closer to Christ. When we got to Shirley’s she had invited her friends and family to come and hear us teach and to eat. She is THE BEST MISSIONARY. Her grandson was there. We ended up being able to teach him as well. We even got her other grandson to come in the door and say hi! I gained so much love for this family. We were grateful that because of something as simple as bringing dinner so many hearts were softened and some heard our message! I remember when Shirley wouldn’t let us come over on weekends because she had company, but now we are the company (: 

Conference is the best.
Here is our friend Jesse at HER FIRST CONFERENCE (: We went to sister Lund’s home. She isn’t in the picture ): I learned that Conference on a mission is like Christmas. It was more rewarding watching our prophet and leaders speak with her in the corner of my eye! Her face was glowing and her desire to follow their teachings was evident. As we have met with her, her entire countenance has changed and I can see the light in her eyes grow the more she chooses to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a first-hand witness that this gospel changes people’s lives for the absolute best. The more others progress towards sacred saving ordinances, the happier they become. (: 

A Missionary Minded Family
WOW! This is a family in our ward! They are so great and such a blessing to us and those around them. They make missionary work, in whatever capacity they can, a priority. 

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