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June 13, 2016 - BEcome Humble on Your Own

So Shirley has the worst problem with her hips. I kid you not, every time we go to her home she tells us for at least five minutes. Sometimes I just got so annoyed rather than having compassion and caring for her.  I knew I needed to fix my attitude, but I just never worked hard enough at it.  WELL this week…Out of the blue my hip just started hurting SO BAD. I kept thinking about how much it affected everything I did and how big of a deal it was. Questions like "now do you see why she always talks about her hips?" or "could you imagine feeling like this ALL the time?" kept running through my head. I just laughed. God has a sense of humor. If we don't want to have compassion on our own, the next choice is to be compelled to be humble enough to have it. That is one way to put ourselves in someone else's shoes! My challenge to you: find something you know you need to change and make a plan to change it on your own! I can bet it will be a lot more fun with a lot less consequence. (:

John! So John has been a miracle from day one. Last week at church he told us he wanted to cancel his date. NO! I was so sad for him. This week Sister Lee and I just turned up the heat. WE were determined to help John see that he knows enough to become a member of this church. We called him every night and guess what! Members didn't stop either! He ended up getting invited to institute and going. So all week we prepped him to go to church with a question in mind. Yesterday after church he texts us and tells us he brought the question of "How can I be more one with God?" (could there be a better question?) and told us he got an answer from God! Ah! How cool that we get to help others see the power in personal guidance. So we call him just praying his answer will be the answer we want. Surprise: Wasn't even close! hahaha, but guess what! We worked with it! As we read scriptures with him we were able to help him see that he could accomplish his goal best by baptism! HE PICKED A DATE.
I couldn't stop smiling! How incredible for him(: But also, how cool that even though John didn't get the answer we wanted him to get, he got the answer that would lead him to what we were going to teach!

One more thing! I love you all.

Wish us luck on our new adventure hahaha (: We take our car into the body shop for at least a week! Say hello to Morgantown-walking area (;

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

We started to teach a 12 year old girl! We brainstormed who to take and decided it would be fun to take the Davison girl! This is a picture of all of us and Alyssa (we have adopted her as a ward missionary. She isn’t one technically, but she comes out with us A LOT). Haleigh knew the restoration so well and taught it to Teana plainly. It was fun to see how truly simple the gospel is!

Speaking of Ward missionaries! Brother Smock is our only one currently! Sister Morgan is becoming one next week(:  He is the nicest man and took us out to lunch to other day. He has an instant love for anyone we introduce him to. And when we leave he just starts brainstorming all of these great fellowshipping ideas.

Shirley is teaching me about progression in the gospel. She progresses, but it is so unique how small each step is. But progression is progression!

Outside the Institute building. 

A terrible pic of me and this little worm thing we found. It is really tiny so I don’t know if you will be able to see it. I named him slick. I really want to find out what he was!

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