Friday, July 15, 2016

May 9, 2016 – Nevertheles


My weekly email doesn't have a Become next to it?
I KNOW. Weird for me too, but this week I learned about the word Nevertheless and I just wanted it to be simple.
So, Lately I have had this question about WHY I have so much joy on my mission. At times it is hard, I miss home, I feel alone, and I am tired….YET NONE OF THAT EVEN MATTERS.
As we were teaching yesterday in church we were reading about our life after death and how the Righteous will have rest from their cares and troubles NEVERTHELESS they are doing the Lords work. For some reason, that one sentence just answered so many questions for me. I know that because I went to church the questions that were on my mind (not just the one I mentioned) were answered.
This one line from an entire lesson taught me why I can feel so trouble and care free.
Everything I have been studying these last few weeks has been about blessings and how each one is the effect of obedience to one of God's commandments. WHEN WE OBEY GOD HE BLESSES US.
So, I decided that because I had such a cool experience, I wanted everyone at home to too this week. I thought I needed to study it more, so I decided I would try to find another Nevertheless. I found one and studied it. After, I realized it was in 1 Nephi 1. HAHA that didn't take me long at all (:
So my challenge to you is to find a NEVERTHELESS in the scriptures this week and to study what goes before and what goes after. And then let me know what you find. I am interested to see what you get out of it(:

Well Family and Friends: We have had a great week. I wish I could call you every week because I am much better at talking than I am typing..but I am getting better (:

I am thankful for ALL OF YOU and the support that you give to me. LOVE YOU.

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

So Sister Lund has this really pretty lake. We had a few minutes of dinner left so we went down and took a nice picture for ya mom for Mothers Day. I am a little awkward, but I hope ya like em (:

This is Tiara and Alex! They are INCREDIBLE and have so much faith.

It is so green and beautiful here!

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