Thursday, July 14, 2016

April 18, 2016 – BEcome Adjustable

Wow! WHAT a week! Seriously though. So many miracles. (:
This week was great! Last week was hard because I felt very discouraged after having a few rough days and feeling that I was doing almost everything wrong. I just let it feed my fire this week and let it motivate me to work hard. I learned that we really do determine our attitude and there is never a reason to have a bad one. My challenge to you this week is to find an area of your life where you may not have the best attitude and to adjust it. BEcome adjustable. The more we adjust our attitudes for the better, the more success we have! I know this to be true, and I also know that when we ask for Christ’s help in these adjustments, we improve ourselves so much quicker than we ever could on our own.
We made it a goal to focus on asking others for names of people to go and share our message with by asking “who do you know?” Instead of “do you know?” and WOW. The way that we ask a question, even if it is just one word can make so much of a difference. I have thought a lot about what I could do to take what I have learned and apply it in other areas of my missionary work. I am going to try and focus on thinking about specific questions that will bring bigger results in myself and those I teach (more repentance) this week.
Also, Jane Tanton, our friend who doesn’t come to church often anymore, QUIT COFFEE. The best part, that has brought so much light and change into her life. Jane never plans for us and this last week, we made a time and SHE PUT US ON HER CALENDAR. AHHHH (: Yep. She did it! We had a hot coca party with her in the 78 degree weather and we were hot, but she planned for it and remembered we were coming.
We had Shirley and Nick and Jared, three of our friends, attend church this week! WOOOHOOO. I have not had one investigator in a sacrament meeting my whole time here. The joy I felt for them was great. Church is the perfect place and fit for everybody to increase their faith and deepen their discipleship. Shirley was one of the first people I met on my mission and she just barely came to church. Her coming was not as easy as one invitation or one phone call, but it was 3 full months of prayers, studying, teaching, activities, meeting members, and so much more. I think I found so much joy in her being there, as well as Nick and Jared, because she and my companion and I and members all had to work so hard to get her there! HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION PAY OFF. I learned that we never stop trying and we never give up on someone. Even when it is frustrating or it seems like they are not making progression, they are.
Jessie is still good, I hope! We haven’t had much contact with her lately. It breaks my little heart, but I know that she is strong. PLEASE keep her in your prayers.
So something funny: I have friends that call their remotes changers here. Hahaha. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but I do (:
Shout out to Thomas for being done with USUSA and Joycee and Seth on their games this week. Also, does someone still tickle Connor with the tickle guy?
Oh! And our new Bishop! And our old one! They are both amazing (:

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Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission 

Hot Chocolate party. My face hurt so bad from smiling so much after seeing her! 

Handstands. We are highly entertained by each other. 

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