Friday, July 15, 2016

June 8, 2016 - BEcome More Faithful in Christ --Through the Book of Mormon

Family and Friends:

I love you. I am grateful for your support. Also, thank you for reading my emails. I know that you have a lot to do every day and it means a lot to know that you care enough about me  (and maybe even miss me(: ) to look at them!

So this week:
I have learned that I am not a fan of cicadas. They are 1 inch long and as thick as a quarter. SICK. I kid you not, I just start crying every time one lands on me. Pathetic, but they are gross and love my hair. My companion gets them off. They stick to you. They don't bite or anything, they are just annoying. So, I am sure there is a lesson I am going to learn about these because the Lord is testing me.
I got a letter in the mail from Grandma Marva and in it she said: "Joyce is recovering well from surgery" And I FLIPPED. I was like what? What surgery? NO BODY TELLS ME ANYTHING. But come to find out, my mom told me(: Patience is a principle I am still conquering. I laughed so hard when Joycee emailed me and said this:
"Well mine wasn't and I was looking forward to eating something good. They gave me a pork-chop for breakfast and in my opinion that shouldn't ever happen." For the record. I have no idea where she heard hospital food is good. Can someone please back me up on this?? 

Transfer News:
Drummroolll: I am staying in MORGANTOWN!! This will make it a third of my mission. I am STOKED about it too (: This place is the best! And Sister Lee is here again as well! So no changes and we are excited to see some miracles in this next transfer.

The good stuff:
Learning to love the scriptures: In our handbook it says over and over again to strive to help those we teach learn to love the Book of Mormon and other scriptures. The past transfer this has just jumped off the page for me. I think part of it is because someone has taught that to me! Sister Lee has taught me to love the Book of Mormon. She studies it every day and I always get so excited to hear her insights. She taught me, just by leading from example, the importance of incorporating scripture into everything I do.
Anyways, Mo, a recent convert has been struggling to stay active and come to church because of a work schedule. I have been working with her for over 4 months now. I thought I had tried everything! Well, as I made it a goal to use the scriptures more and we made it a goal to help those we teach love the scriptures, we saw a miracle! We put together a daily reading schedule for Mo and asked her to take notes. We went back a week later: SHE HAD DONE IT. And she had really learned and applied the scriptures. The crazy thing was, none of them directly related to church. Right before we were leaving Mo mentioned getting a blessing from her home teachers in order to help her be able to come to church. WHAT? I picked my jaw up off the floor. We went from little to no faith or hope in Christ helping her to get Sundays off to her bringing it up on her own. ---friends. THE BOOK OF MORMON is true. And it BUILDS OUR FAITH in Christ. How it does it so quickly I can't even fathom, but it does and I am a witness that it strengthens Faith in Christ. My challenge to you: BEcome more Faithful in Christ--Through the Book of Mormon (: Do what it takes to make studying an important and crucial part of your life.
Be in the moment from last week: I touched on this last week, but I wanted to follow up with an INCREDIBLE experience. Sister Lee and I were heading out after going to a friends for a lesson that they had bailed on. As we were walking away we stopped for a second. It was a prompting to stop, but I didn't know what for. I just kept thinking about how important being in the moment was. Shortly after we noticed a family down the hill. We introduced ourselves. She told us they had a different faith and that they see missionaries all the time, but that after she tells them they have a religion they always just walk on through. I could see that she was interested so we just started teaching the restoration. We had somewhere we could have been, but we chose to just pay attention to what was right in front of us! Her name is Kisha and she is SOLID. This was last Monday and we have met with her 4 times now. WE LOVE HER.

Well! I love you all (:

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

Our District!

The Flanagan Family (: He is a member and we ran into them a while ago. They are sooo awesome! WE LOVE THIS FAMILY (: 

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