Tuesday, July 12, 2016

March 9, 2016 – BEcome a Simple Teacher

Well! This week was a long one because of Transfers! 10 whole days without emailing! Haha. Transfers didn't change us up! I am still with Sister Cutler in Morgantown! Chances are she will leave in 7 weeks and I will get a new companion so we are definitely just making the most of it. She has become one of my closest friends through all of the ups and downs of a mission.

It has been so warm for the past few days and we are loving it! It is nice not to have to wear fleece lined tights with EVERY outfit, hahaha, and the same boots. It is also nice because we get to meet so many people that are outside enjoying the warm weather! Spring is this missionary’s favorite time of the year!

We had an incredible week full of so many humans! We were given a list of people that the ward didn't know much about. When you get an assignment from the ward it is like gold, so we got started right away! There is this one neighborhood that is way south in our area, but there was someone on the list so we went to check it out! It ended up being a member and his wife who wasn't a member! They were the nicest people! They let us right in and we went back a few days later. It was cool to see this member be able to bear his testimony to his wife about what he knew to be true! You could tell he had been wanting an opportunity to do so. She ended up not wanting a lot to do with our message, but it was such a good experience and they invited us back so hopefully, slowly her progression will come.

We are teaching some incredible people right now. I learn from all of them, but the one that is the hardest for me to teach is our Chinese friend (yes, WV is SO diverse). We are teaching a Chinese man named Will. He is someone that I am leaning the most from because I have had to learn to teach incredibly simply. He speaks English well, but for some reason I have a hard time understanding accents especially Asian ones, so I cannot understand a lot of what he says. His vocabulary is simple which makes me have to simplify everything that I teach and it has done wonders for me. Simple teaching is successful teaching! I can only share the most basic things that I know and he can only share his most basic thought process/feelings. This is the first person that I have taught that didn't know God before. To see his eyes open has been so awesome! I have truly been able to see the peace and comfort that the knowledge of God and his Plan gives to us!

I would invite you to BEcome a simple teacher. Don't worry about everything in detail, just teach from your heart and teach simply. The next time you have to teach something, try this. Don't try being fancy, just try being real!

I love you all!

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

Our district for the last time.

Exchanges with Sister Marsh in Fairmont.

Plan of Salvation BOM we made for our friend Jason. 

Together for one more transfer!

Dinner with the Bruce family.

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