Friday, July 15, 2016

May 16, 2016 – BEcome Reliant

Was this week a week or was this week a week?

This week we ate dinner at a home and we were accidentally fed some slightly pink chicken. OOPS. Sister Lee and I were sick for a few days this week. Whether the chicken just destroyed our immune systems and helped us catch the flu or we got a little bit of food poisoning we are not sure. I will tell you this though, bodies are necessary for missionary work and it made me realize how important taking care of our bodies is. Hahaha. We laughed so hard about this story though and we were thankful we both felt like no fun together.

Even though we had a slow start to the week WE DID NOT let it stop us. We had an incredible week and we saw so many miracles. Shirley came to church again. We stopped by her house early on in the week and asked her what she was up to. She replied" Oh notin, just getting ready for church on Sunday"! HAHA I love this woman and I love the transformation I have seen the gospel make to her life. If she wasn't already the best, now she is.)  and JOHN came to church.
So John is a miracle in himself and is an example of why we talk to EVERY human that we see. Sister Cutler and I were out on Easter. I remember our dinner appointment cancelled on that day and I was having a rough time. I really missed home and just wanted to be with my family. Nevertheless, we worked hard and talked to everyone we saw. John was outside so we approached him. We ended up teaching him and inviting him to read the Book of Mormon.
GUESS WHAT. We kept going back, but no answer. So anyhow, a little bit ago Sister Lee and I got a text out of the blue: "Hey, I read your book and I liked it, John" MIRACLE!
We tried to set up a time to meet but nothing. We ended up taking one of the most incredible members who I could write a whole email about, Sister Morgan. So we got to John’s house and his friend said he was busy, but we asked if we could talk to him anyways. (he wasn't all that busy cause he talked to us) We followed up with his reading and he said that he liked it but he didn't know if it was true. Sister Morgan, just as bold and strong as she could, replies, "WELL, DID YOU PRAY ABOUT IT?" Hahahahaha, we were in shock. This was her first time ever out with the missionaries and she took no time to waste. It was perfect and hit John so strong. He asked about church and came. Please pray for John that he will continue to come and love it. He is amazing.

We got in contact with JESSIE. Yes, and we are pumped. I cannot even tell you how many prayers we have said over this woman. I didn't know that we had the wrong number, but for the past two months I have texted and called and members have done the same, but nothing. The Lord is incredible. He knows his sheep ad he knows the right timing.

So. I have a confession. I am probably THAT annoying sister missionary that asks way too many questions that I could figure out on my own: hold up. I know I am, but I am thankful I have been humbled enough to realize my weakness. My poor district leader asks me every week, "I don't know Sister Campbell, What do YOU think?". Ah. It has been frustrating, but this week it hit me. I need to be wiser in relying less on those around me and less on my own knowledge. I need to be reliant on Christ. In district meeting we read a part in the introduction that says that many of our questions will be answered through study, prayer, and keeping the commandments. I have to admit. My heart was hard to this and I thought, "yeah right!" but wow, is it true. This week I have learned more than ever that personal revelation--our very own personal guidance comes THROUGH the HOLY GHOST as we worship our Father in the name of his Son Jesus Christ. God, if we let him, will guide us and lead us to make correct decisions and choices.
I know, and I testify that this life is for us to EXPERIENCE THE VITALITY OF PERSONAL, CONSTANT, GUIDANCE FROM GOD. This came to me as I was writing in my journal one day. At first I only had personal and constant, but as I pondered I was taught that SINGLE needs to be added. We are to understand how we can become reliant on Christ and nothing! else. So, my challenge to you: become Reliant -and do it constantly, singly, and personally. Change one thing today that will get you there. This is an ongoing process (:

I love you family! Have a good week.

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

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