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December 28, 2016 - BEcome a "Wise Man"

OH! HEY!!!!!! 

So, Christmas on a mission was GREAT and warm (: 

We made Christmas gifts filled with all of the extra candy we had and used it as a way to meet people in our area. We felt impressed to go to a less active’s home. We PLANNED what we wanted to use as our approach to get in the home and teach them. Service came to mind. We got to the house that day and the mom answered. We gave her the gift and told her that we had a few minutes and wanted to do something for her. She told us that her husband and two boys were outside moving wood. We went and helped move the wood and then after we were done we asked to teach a brief (10 min) lesson. They didn't let us in, but we got to teach the whole family outside! It was great to see how much the family’s heart softened all because we followed our mission president's counsel to be like Ammon in the Book of Mormon and serve!  

Mama Campbell and the crew sent us matching Christmas jammies so that was exciting. 

We had a fun Christmas eve dinner appointment and we got to play in a white elephant gift exchange and sing Christmas carols. It was great! 

Christmas morning we woke up, opened presents ( THANK YOU (: ) and made pancakes and took them to a man who couldn't be with his family Christmas morning. Except….he wasn't home so we left them on the porch. 

Our Sacrament meeting service was STELLAR. It was a music program and our ward knows how to sing! (: A man in our ward wrote a song called "He Came Here Just For Me". The kids sang it and It was amazing. It talks about how Christ came and suffered for each of us. It is a good reminder of how much he loves us! 

We got to go to Sister Compton's (we are teaching her) for lunch and meet her family. Dale is her boyfriend and I just love him! He has been warming up to us. We got to pray before lunch with most of their family and it was cool to feel the spirit enter the room as we did. 

Then we went to the Kasmer’s and skyped/ate some snacks. WE LOVE THEM. They have two girls that make us laugh constantly. 

We got to go to the Lubeck's for dinner. This family is AMAZING and truly have the desire to serve the people around them and share the gospel. They invited a neighbor to church and he came on Christmas! Then, we went caroling with them after dinner and while caroling we got to see him and set up a time for dinner and a lesson this week. (: I have never gone caroling on Christmas, but it WAS SO FUN! 

Side note: I love eating with people. We were with a family in the ward setting a teaching appointment up and the mom says, "We have to eat with them. If you want to get to know someone you have to eat with them." It really isn't a terrible rule of thumb (: 

My challenge this week is to BEcome a "wise man". I have thought about this topic a ton during the Christmas season. When we were at families’ homes on Christmas we showed the video I showed my family during my Skype home. It shows modern people in our world seeking the spirit of Christ to guide them to an opportunity to serve and give of themselves.
The dad asks his daughter: why where they called wise men? 
her: Because they knew about the star 
him:  Who were they listening to to know about the star? Were they reading magazines or were they reading their scriptures? 
her: the scriptures. 
him: Yeah! They were wise because they listened to the prophets and read scriptures. 

I testify that we become wise by serving our Maker, reading scripture and praying DAILY, and listening then obeying with exactness the counsel given by God's servants - prophets and apostles.   

Transfer information: Sister Merrifield is going to Huntington, WV and I will find out who my new companion is tomorrow! She is brand new in the mission and I am so excited! 


Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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