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December 5, 2016 - HERE FOR A REASON (:

Oh, Hi there! I hope that you are having a fantastic week. (: 

SO...this week was great and we saw some m.a.j.o.r. miracles. Let's begin: 

I finished the Book of Mormon right on track ​with our mission! (shout out to momma Campbell she read it with me in the two month span)​ and IT FELT SO GOOD to be unified and accomplish something that I have had a goal to do for a very long time. When I finished, I got on my knees and I pondered about what I had just done. I felt the spirit bear truth to me that I know -nothing wavering-  that every word of that book of scripture is true and I have a testimony that God speaks to ME through reading it. I used to believe this, and it did happen, but since the challenge​ of reading the whole Book of Mormon in 2 months​ I received revelation every time I picked up that book. Just what I needed in that very moment. I have a more solid understanding of what kind of power the scriptures bring into my life. ​I KNOW that I am sharing truth with God's children.

We were talking with a woman the other day. Her and her husband aren't interested, but they prayed for us and are very sweet! She was saying how her pastor was mentioning that being dedicated to living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing a young adult could be doing. So often young adults will push off religion and "live life in the moment" as they procrastinate developing a stronger relationship with God until later on in their life. He said that he had studied the life of many of the Disciples in the Bible and he said that a good amount of the young fishermen who Christ called to be his Disciples were in fact young adults still living under the household of their fathers. ​I thought about that statement a lot this past little bit. These men turned out to BE AMAZING and so blessed. I am thankful that out of all of the things that I could have been choosing to do in my life right now I chose to serve God. To drop my net, and become a fisher of men (: I know that IT IS IN FACT never too early to turn our hearts and our will to our Father in Heaven. I testify that we are rewarded beyond measure for our earnest desire to be a consecrated follower of Christ. 

​Speaking of being a fisher of men….I​ LOVE this area. We saw so much progress in the last 7 days there is no way it could be anything short of a miracle. 

ULZII​ WAS A MIRACLE. She is a Mongolian woman who lives here with her husband and son (they have been driving truck so we haven't picked them up yet). They converted to Christianity in Mongolia and moved to the U.S. 6 years ago. We met her while we were working the area in an apartment complex. She walked by us and we started to talk with her. She had to go that day, but we asked for a return appointment a few days later. When we went back she opens up the door and says, "I need the address to your church! I am coming Sunday. " NICE! She came (:  She told us that she has been asking people for 4 years now about a church to go to, but no one ever really said anything. She had explainable amounts of joy on her face. In Relief Society she looked over at me and said, "This is good. Thank you. I am so happy here." AHHHH(: I love my calling. We can trust that God knows why he put us in an area. ​I know that I am supposed to be HERE. ​She was talking with us and she said to me, "You look familiar. I think I have met you before". Which is funny because I felt a connection with her too. I told her it was probably because we knew each other in heaven. ​My challenge to you is to pray and ask God who you need to reach out to. There are people that need our light. If we ask, God will show us why we are where we are. 

​We are so well taken care of here in this area. I love the members that we live next to and I love our ward. Someone did a sweet secret act of kindness and gave us this cute advent calendar with a gift for every day leading up to Christmas. We are grateful for them! 

Funny story, this week was crazy. Sister M. got sick and so we went on a quick split. I got to go out and teach with a few members of the ward. They both taught me so much and It was a fun experience. 

No snow yet!  

This season is truly the best time to spread God's good news (: ​

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

The closest thing I will get to a temple on my mission (: 

I talked to this nice man at the gas station. I gave him a light the world card, he gave me this. Being friendly pays off. This thing is cool! 

I gave her G's picture she sent to give out and a spud! Sister Compton!

No words......too excited (:

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