Sunday, March 26, 2017

November 22, 2016 – Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


The past four days have been an adventure to say the least! I have loved every second and my faith in the Lord has grown so much. I know without a doubt I need to be in this area (: 

So, I live in. the. mountains. but we live with members of our ward and it is turning out to be a fun thing. My new companion is Sister Merrifield. She just tells me it is like a really long camping trip, and I like camping so I am rolling with it(: I have become quite accustomed to driving on winding roads and through hollers. I have never laughed harder in the space of four days. This is going to be a good transfer (:  She can't drive right now so I have had to drive since minute one, which has been an adventure because I am directionally challenged and she has never drove here before. (: Fun. 

One of my favorite parts about missionary work is referrals. I have the strongest testimony that inspired people giving us inspired houses is so much more productive and less time consuming than going door to door. I love them and I was grateful that the Lord knew that. I got into the area and we had over 20 referrals to contact. The first couple that we contacted knew a lot about the church and she is in love with the Mormon tabernacle choir. This area has good things happening and I am excited to be a part of it! I have had a rough little bit with the warts on my feet, but I have seen the Lord’s hand so much and I got taken care of just where I needed to purely though a miracle. 

We had a conference yesterday and I was FED. We focused on finding those who are prepared. 

This week my challenge to you is to write down all of the challenges in your life. Then pray and write next to them the blessings that are coming from those trials and those challenges. It works. I testify God ALWAYS has a plan and it is always to try and bless us. We just have to look hard enough. I love you all! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

 Goodby Sister Allen!

 Sister Lee!

 Sister Cutler!

 My new companion, Sister Merrifield!

Every time we go up our road this is our view. It is breath taking and I feel right at home! It is so pretty here.

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