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October 24, 2016 - BEcome a Seeker of Teachers!


So... life as a missionary is still one of my favorite things ever (:

This week we had a lot of good laughs and a few cold days! We did A LOT of scripture reading and we had some amazing progression. We are continually blessed with more and more people to teach. Sister Allen and I knew we had more friends we could find.  After much prayer and hard work (working until THE very last breath even when uncomfortable) we found them! We found the people the Lord had in mind(:

Speaking of the Lord having specific people in mind, my testimony grew on shortening teaching visits for those who aren't keeping the commitments we leave with them. There was a woman the sisters were teaching a while back. When I got into the area they hadn't taught her in forever, but just hadn't officially "given her back to the Lord". We made the decision to do so. That was day two of being in the area. Well this week, we got word of a less active that wasn't on the rolls so we went to visit her. Turns out she isn't a member, but she has an amazing testimony and it sounds like the circumstances that kept her from becoming a member are dropping out of her life. When we went home to find her record I remembered that this was someone we had given time! The Lord DOES NOT forget about his people. He has a perfect plan for each of them.

Some exciting updates
of some of our Teays Valley friends:
Sister Taylor:
I sent a picture of her and her mom home a few weeks ago. She is the one that we found through referrals!
She is on Enos in the Book of Mormon! 
And she is preparing to get baptized and confirmed in just TWO weeks(: She is so excited she can't hardly stand it!

Sister Bryant: She is Sister Taylor’s mom. She drinks coffee and loves it. When we first invited her to live the Word of Wisdom she was not having it. Well, she has now been living it for a week and has dumped it all out! She has now committed to live the Word of Wisdom permanently. So, we invited her to pray for strength to do so. Her baptism will come a few weeks later(:
I have faith she will as she prays and continues to come to church! She has had a speech impediment her WHOLE life. The woman is brilliant in the language of the spirit! She is taught so well by it. But she cannot read or write. We have really relied on the spirit to guide us and help us know if she is being converted. I know I JUST KNOW that this woman understands. All she can utter when I ask her what she knows the prophet is for is ," listen", but it is enough! It has been amazing to see her love for Christ and his restored gospel overpower her love for coffee. 
PEOPLE. Living commandments brings joy (:

Sister Rhodes is amazing! We have never heard her pray out loud. We usually always have a member at her lessons but nothing was working out with any member. So..we went alone. We had a feeling there was a reason why. In the lesson I told her that and I expressed that I knew it was the perfect opportunity for her to try and pray out loud while we were there! SHE PRAYED! We have been working towards that for months! So the best part - Yesterday in church I am sitting in class and all of a sudden….I HEAR HER CONTRIBUTING HER COMMENTS TO THE LESSON. This was the first time ever. Progression. It is joyful (:

Okay okay my challenge: This week I have pondered so often why the hardest parts of my life seem to help me grow the most. Like, what is with this? In church, the sister giving the talk invited us to seek out teachers- by that I mean teaching opportunities! To not be frustrated or afraid of hard times or difficult circumstances, but to look at them as a precious teaching moment from God. Really though. I know it works! Comfort is not in growing zones. So that is my challenge this week(: BEcome a seeker of teachers! (teaching moments)

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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