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October 5, 2016 - BEcome an Investor, Not Just Someone Who Sacrifices

Remember how I love being a missionary? Well, I still do. If there was enough time to tell you everything I would. I can't so I will just tell you what comes to my head. (: 
I LOVE YOU. Whoever you are, thanks for reading! 
I loved conference. I LOVED it! Something I learned:  Have your own testimony of Christ and his restored gospel and BUILD IT EVERY SECOND. Not just every day. 
My testimony grew in fasting:
Sister Rhodes has been progressing, but it has been such a slow progression. It has taught me to truly be patient and long suffering. I have come to love her more than I ever thought possible. I see how sacrifice creates a love and a bond like no other. Sister Allen and I knew that we needed to elevate our teaching and that we really needed to understand what we could do to help. Prayer just wasn't enough. We planned to gather up all of the revelation we received for her for the past few weeks and to fast. Our goal was to help her receive a spiritual witness. She has been sicker than a dog (attack from all sides) and her member friend decided we needed to help her we took time to help her clean and then we had a lesson. HER HEART WAS SO SOFT. This was the second time we had helped with the house and we had planned this lesson with so much unity I felt like one missionary. Well, Sister Rhodes told us during the lesson that she is leaning towards becoming a member of the church! WHAT? OKAY!!!! So, by nothing we said or planned to teach she received that witness because she had been acting and because we had the faith to move mountains (or in this case I would say hearts). So all in all, she finally got a witness that this is the path God wants us on! I sat in that lesson smiling ear to ear thinking "You fasted with faith and it helped".
Sister Allen and I were talking during exercise: she said something that hit me that her mom once said to her. "I feel like the more I try and give to the Lord the more he just blesses me more than what I can give". When we do our part…it is an investment! NOT a sacrifice. My challenge this week is to BEcome an investor, not just someone who sacrifices. HAVE SOME TRUST IN THE LORD! He is ALMIGHTY. If we do our little part, it will not be a sacrifice but rather an investment! –There is a quote by Gordon B Hinckley about this. (: I think it is him.  But really though, this vision adjustment changes your whole view of the gospel. 
News: Sister Allen and I are staying in Teays Valley! Other news: Sister Lee IS MY NEW SISTER TRAINING LEADER. If you can't remember she was my second companion in Morgantown and they just taught and baptized members of my family so we have lots of fun stories to hear about. She is an amazing missionary. I never felt like I was done learning from her..sooo ROUND 2. I really wasn't done haha! 
KEEP SWIMMING(: (swimming is a good analogy because it requires all of our concentration and effort!  
Have a good four days! (:

Sister Justina Campbell

West Virginia Charleston Mission

Sister Thorton.

Emily! She and her dad feed us EVERY WEEK. We love this family!

We got Disneyland cookies in the mail and we REALLY enjoyed them (: 

Cleaning Sister Rhodes' kitchen. It was fun and helped her so much!

...and we were going to be late to Sister Campbell's lesson so we arrived like this and had to change. Her reaction: "you got out of the car and I was shocked that you owned normal people clothes!" ..HA.

Sister Allen made me dinner a few weeks back. It was really good and I just wanted you all to see that missionaries can cook (:

Sister Campbell! She has been to church 5 times now. I LOVE HER. And most of all, I love seeing her face light up when she learns something new about the gospel. She is incredible! 

Baptism in Morgantown! Sister Hill and her son, my family members Sister Lee and I found just before I transferred. Blessed, happy day!

Sunsets are my favorite thing!

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