Thursday, March 30, 2017

January 3, 2017 - MY FOCUS IS JESUS CHRIST


So, my new companion is GREAT! You tell her a topic, she tells you a scripture. You tell her a scripture, she tells you the background. IT IS SO HELPFUL. She is ready to work hard and we are seeing miracles(: She is from Hayden, ID. So, same state but really far away! 

This week has been trying, but my testimony in Christ being my rock has grown. We were at this woman's house and she was telling us that she felt like she just couldn't be everyone's rock anymore and that she didn't have enough strength. It reminded me that I do not have to be anyone's rock. I just need to build upon the surest rock there is, Christ! Then I can help the people I love build their foundation on him as well. 
So, my goal for this year is to always have my focus on Christ. When I am focused on him, I find peace and joy, not perfection, but peace and joy that lasts. When I focus on ANYTHING else I have a rough time staying just above water. 

I took my mission president’s invitation to ponder who I have become and to make goals about who I desire to become. This past year I focused my effort on always improving myself and becoming who I was meant to be. I think the biggest change I have seen this year is the location of my name tag. I am grateful for the black one on my clothing, but I am most grateful for the one engraved on my heart! I am a missionary always because the gospel makes up who I am. The joy that comes from building God's kingdom can't be beat and it keeps on coming. I find that I don't just do missionary work when I "have to". We met a woman at a baptism and taught her the Restoration. We invited her to meet with missionaries because she was interested, but she wouldn't. I asked her to email me the picture we had taken together. She traveled back later that week to her hometown in Kentucky and I kept in touch with her each week during my email time. Short story, her heart softened and we promised God would send her the right missionaries to teach her. She agreed to meet with them and then a few short days later the Lord led them to her in the parking lot of a grocery store. NICE (: I find so much happiness in sharing the gospel with others. Working, learning, searching, and praying are what bring me happiness in my life. I like to share that (: 

Sister Compton stopped smoking this week! Please pray for her and Dale to be able to live the word of wisdom!! 

I love my calling! 

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

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