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October 17, 2016 - Weaknesses are to BUILD OUR FAITH, NOT BREAK US DOWN


Are you having a good week? I hope so (: (: CAUSE WE DID!

The area is on ​FIRE​! Sister Rhodes has finally picked a date! It was an incredible experience to watch her receive her witness that this is where God needs her to be!

Remember the last area where we just worked for forever and got all of those referrals and now we have a solid family we are teaching and Sister Bryant and Sister Taylor? Well, we decided we needed a new area to start the process over again. We found it (: WE contacted many of the referrals we ended up getting. We had a mom in particular that we made a return appointment with. Well, we were in the area last night for an appointment with her neighbor who didn't end up being home. We had a back up plan, but as I turned the corner I saw her light on and felt we needed to go teach her. Sister Allen couldn't decide, but she is a good companion and trusted me. WELL. WE taught her and just before we started to teach about the first vision her 12 year old son joined in. As we shared the picture of the restoration with him and told him the account they both felt the spirit SO strong. WE asked him how he felt. He said "shaky" but we dug more and he said it was a good shaky. I have thought a lot about that! I feel that now the spirit seems so calm and peaceful, but I remember being a teenager and not knowing for sure what I was feeling. It was confusing at times. I liked that his explanation of the feeling of the spirit wasn't all that glorious, but that the fruit of how he felt was goodness!

Sister Campbell paid tithing for the first time and she WAS PUMPED. I mean skipping out of church pumped. I don't think I have ever looked like that while paying tithing, but that will change (: -windows of heaven she told us. Also, she is doing the challenge with the mission, but she is going way quicker because she just can't stop! Haha, this woman is going to love the temple! ​She reminds me of the lesson we had in church on being a living member of the church.

I went on exchanges with Sister Lee.-yes! My old companion from Morgantown (:  I never felt I was done learning from her. I wasn't. She is amazing. She has this way of humbly helping me notice Satan and the way he attempts to lead me away. She helped me notice something in particular- HE DOES NOT want me to read the Book of Mormon with the mission. He hates it and we fight every day. BUT I am conquering it one day at a time. I have never read it all the way through, but I KNOW IT IS TRUE. I have felt its power and witnessed the doctrines of Christ taught in it purify myself and others.  It is a weak link in my testimony. I have a testimony. But I pray for conviction in it often because Satan gets me by telling me I don't have a strong testimony in it because I haven't read it all the way through. He is ruthless.  When I heard about the challenge I KNEW it was for me. I felt that God knew me and that this was his way of helping me do something I had never been able to fight through on my own. At first I felt dumb that I would need so much help! I felt prideful and ashamed that it took the mission doing it together to get me to do it. BUT I felt God's love and his desire to strengthen me.  I work my but off to not be a weak link in the mission. I want to have a positive effect. And I want to constantly help others do the same. But I felt like a weak link in the mission because this was so hard for me! I then remembered that weaknesses are to BUILD OUR FAITH, NOT BREAK US DOWN. Done. Once I remembered that I could do hard things with faith it became easier.  Thanks to the love and support of the missionaries around me AND me choosing to be humble and accept help, I am reading it and LOVING IT! I know God doesn't want me to feel discouraged because of what I don't do. I have weakness and that is okay!

The work is amazing here. My challenge for you this week is to figure out how Satan is attempting to lead you away to destruction. Don't be discouraged, ashamed, or prideful, but remember that weaknesses are to BUILD OUR FAITH, NOT BREAK US DOWN.

I love you! I pray that each one of you who reads this will be inspired by the spirit of repentance to CHANGE. Please don't ever read my emails and walk away doing what you have always done!  Take a second to record what you want to improve in your life as a living member of Christ’s church- and if you aren't a member I plead with you to consider why you aren't giving yourself the opportunity to fully partake of the blessings Christ offers us! None of us are perfect at living the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Let's be better together (:

Love ya much! 

Sister Justina Campbell
West Virginia Charleston Mission

ps. Have I mentioned I caught myself saying ya'll WAY too often?

Charleston Zone!

Exchanges with Sister Lee!

Hiking in Kanawha State Forest.

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